Thursday, August 31, 2006


Urm... I was supposed to write something real good today but I totally got caught in the cebrelity and forgot now I'll be leaving school and I wont be back til next week so guys hows about hanging on for a super mucho grande post next week that you guys'll love, instead of something forced that yuouy'll maybe like.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't tell me...Please don't tell me!

My friend Irrehs arrived on Saturday...I was there to meet her and I happily spent some time with her. It was nice seeing her again. It was just nice you know. Memories just bombarded me. It felt good to remember and make new memories. I went to the Quad on Friday...It was...odd, I dont know something was different about it. I went to Yesterday, an oldies music party, with my friend Akimat. I really, really, really enjoyed myself. I haven't had so much since...I cant really remember when last I had as much fun. I'm still in my J-O-B. I also accepted a position as a Telemarketer so if you hear me call you dont hang up. Please... Enough begging...Onto the juice...and that was the juice. Is it me or is life just a tad boring for everyone lately. Another question why the hell am I the one holding the bags? I am not your maid or assistant, I'm supposed to be your friend. One more for the road who cares, who your effin? Why does it matter? Why should it matter? I don't give a shite...Maybe I should shout it from the mountaintops so that people won't come telling me about their significant others, nor effin asking me about my own. Why the eff do you want to know? Are you planning to eff me over with him? Dont ask, dont want to know and I dont want to tell. Please leave me alone where that is concerned. I understand that a significant other is important...I do understand, but i dont u want to regale all the details of what he bought you, when he told you he loved you or when he effed you for the first time please turn around and go away. Its none of my business and Im making a promise now, tell me and it goes on my blog. The same goes for the shite I say...You can send any shite I say to anyone u want to send it as long as you call me Tsagrednerp, shite a long time me want people know my name. So please calm yourselves ladies...I'm not your least not yet. Also your sexual exploits are none of my business...I am not nor have I ever been Dr. Sue...I have no sex advice and I cannot determine whether or not whatever he did to you is normal. I have no idea. Don't ask me. I am not Wikipedia but some of the things I hear should be posted on Uncyclopedia instead. First of all although I think sex is a natural part of life that should be shared between two (or more depending on what you like) consenting adults. I get disturbed thinking about you and sex. It really weirds me out. I know I prolly have said things about it in the past, and I regret this because I dont want that to be done to me so I wont ever do it again. I love reltionships as much as the next afflicted girl/woman but Im gettin sick and tired of them (More on this in a later post.) Don't ask, don't tell is my new policy. I was properly put in my place the other day (not you Irrek) and it had me thinking (again) WTF?? Why did I even ask? So you know what keep your shite to yourself people and I promise not to ask. Eff me infinity it seems.
Is a serious ting...No quotes!No cute man...Nutten!