Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's in a blog? A blog by any other name would smell just as sweet...

America's Next Top Model: Is it right that I'm completely addicted to ANTM? All that model fakeness(it could be a word) and Tyra and her gorgeous pictures(I vote Tyra as America's Next Top Model every season). Why did they replace Janice though, I mean I know she's crazy and all but that's what makes good TV...Oh well. Sometimes I wish I were 60 lbs and 10 feet tall cause then I'd definately enter. I love that show Tyra's just raking it in. I think Eva was the best winner ever then comes Adrienne (you know Peter Brady's petite amie), then Yoanna. Naima was blah blah blah and Nicole was Uhhh (Naima being the better of the two). ANTM is so not Kosher.

PS: Why is this Season so boring? (Love you Jade!)

Ballet slipper shoes: For my size 10&1/2 feet I say NoWayInHell! I can't even rememeber being a size 6...ever! My friend Irret's foot size would grow and replicate her age (Thank God it stopped at 13). Ok now I'm digressing. Ballet slipper shoes are so not Kosher put my big ass feet in a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes any damn day.

Coupling: Eewww!! Get your mind out of the gutter please...What I mean are relationships. Couples, couples, couples everywhwere I look that's all I see. So not Kosher.

Hot guy of the 12th century...Bruno! Yeah!

Having a not so fabulous day. As Axela would say "Yu neva know shotta life was so hard, shotta can't sleep inna him yard, yu neva know shotta nuh lov cinema..." Bold face lies never work always use a timid face approach.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

25(?)Things to know about me.

This is what i'd like everyone to know about me somethings in here I didnt even know myself.
  1. I hate cooked cabbage.
  2. I love my Grandmere.
  3. I'm in love with the notion of making love while I'm in love and being loved.
  4. I'm an Aquarian which means I'm creative, love long relationships and absolutely fantastic in bed.
  5. I love dancing but can only catch a few of the dances which emerge every minute on the Jamaican dancehall scene.
  6. I really do want world peace.
  7. I'm a sucker for a sob story.
  8. I love strawberry daiquiries (I know so teeny bopper *sigh*)
  9. I've read over 500 romance novels and have owned as much.
  10. I'ver read over 900 books in my lifetime. (Is that good or bad?)
  11. I take people seriously.
  12. I need braces.
  13. I'm fat and unhappy about it. (That's 2...isn't it?)
  14. I'm addicted to Hollywood.
  15. I have a friend named Ayokihso.
  16. I remained a virgin all through my teen years. (Was hard but I succeeded.)
  17. I want to have triplets.
  18. I want a committment ceromony instead of a wedding and charm bracelts instead of rings.
  19. I want to plan several glittering weddings.
  20. I'm a procrastinatoraholic. (Maybe later I'll tell you about it...maybe.)
  21. My favorite number is 7.
  22. I've made several wishes from those chain email things. (None have ever come true. *sigh*)
  23. I employ one defense mechanism in my everyday life. (Try to figure out which one.)
  24. I hate when people spend money on crap. For example this.
  25. I have a slight fetish for red heads and freckles.
26. I only wish I was this hot.

27. I love getting compliments.

As Akimat would say "Don't let me go Tom Cruise on your ass." Make hay while you can still grow grass.

It's fabulous being ME!

Who am I? I am a lover of books, music and anything celebrity. I love poetry, watching and attending (and hopefully someday directing) movies, art, sports and fashion. I'm not very big on...actually come to think about it I'm big on everything. There are few things I don't like (I cant remember any though), and even fewer people who I can't stand. Generally people like me... or at least that's the impression I get. I think I'm funny... sarcstically so (of course) and people tell me I'm deep... whatever that may mean. I don't often say much but my mind is going a mile a minute. I'm a social drinker (personally I beleive that l'eau is the only way to go) and i detest smoking. I'm 99.999999999999...% heterosexual except for maybe her. I'm slightly obssessed with TRENT and BRYAN. I'm most loyal to ma grandmere mais non mon pere ou ma mere. I speak thismuch French, thismuch German and awhole lot of patois. I love Germany and want to live there some day and decided that i would teach myself German (not necessarily the best idea i've ever had) and I did French in high school because it wasn't Spanish. I've always wanted a blog and I use my hi5 account to make up for me not having one. A blog is so much better beacause you have so much more freedom. Mes amies pincipaux sont Eanehj, Irrek, Eelikciv, Axela, Akimat, Ayiddas, Eceined and the list goes on and on and on... I make acquaintances very easily (I've got one of those faces y'see) but making new friends is hard work. I'm extremely easy going but I'm not a push over (I run people over, people don't run over me...Comprendre?)
I spent yesterday feeling guilty abo
ut not doing any work and thus making it hard on myself to succeed...Well a good night's sleep took care of that for me. As Irrek would say "Time waits for no man...except Chuck Norris." I'll see you on the outside.
This is to key you in...All words in this colour are links to diiferent pages. All words in this colour are direct quotes. Just in cas you missed it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I can't believe I have one of these...Why would anyone give ME one?

I knew eventually I would get myself one of these... Now I can rule the world. I have so much to say and hopefully so MANY people to say it to. I love cruising the web and I love reading blogs and now I have my own. Since this is my first blog and all and I want to make it interesting for you here are some pics of some random nude and semi nude men. (Don't you just love it!)

This is Stephane (Say Hi!)

This is Bruno...not to be mistaken with Bruno
If I had this to wake up to I wouldnt sleep so late...

Meet Chris (*sigh*)
Hello sailor... I'm in th Navy now...right this minute...

This is Boris... Sadly, Boris is married to her.
Now what kind of black woman would I be if I didn't worship the form of my black men...
Remember Jason Behr from Roswell?
When did he get so frigging HOT!

The woes are many the solutions are few. Have fun with my blog. I gotta go eat something... As Eanehj would say
"The more you know the more you can gossip about...behind her back.