Thursday, August 27, 2009

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We Have. By tsagrednerp

He had me
This is truthful,
From his first stare,
To his tentative touch,
He had me
Before hello,
Before we met
Before time and the universe's dimensions

Through Earth's many lives,
The desert of space
It's his eyes
All in his eyes.
This transendental knowing
This knowing is beauty
This knowing is God's message

I have him
Inside and out
I have his truth
And in that I hold his soul
We are more
And together we have...
We have...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Humans Only

I recommend you go see 'District 9', here's my review from when I saw it on Tuesday.

Allusions, metaphors, similes... all evident in the of the better adaptations certainly, the point is rammed down your throat as disgustingly as possible. Truly I did not want and will admit I didn't watch the terribly gross parts, I couldn't. My stomach and dreams are just not strong enough. Very nice characterization from the lead, he was featured during almost the entire film and you felt like you went through it with him. The connection you felt with him definitely increases the feeling of disgust, you feel as if you are there going through it with him. I didn't wanna watch but I desperately needed to know what happens next and this so where the movie shines.

Almost a surprise a minute and at the beginning it seemingly lags for at least 30 minutes before moving at breakneck speed. Unnecessary yet helpful the scenes of 'back story' at the beginning. I get it's important to our understanding of the plot but do we really need so much of it? Other than this the movie shines as a reflection on... wait can't give it away.Personally it makes me want to learn more about it. Its not just a film about aliens and humans. So do not go expecting great battles between good and greater. Its a very believable film, very true to life.

Documentary aspect is great, editing is outstanding, cinematography was pretty good (Joburg, especially slums, usually portrayed dreary and bleak in films and though this is shown there's a clarity to the picture that emphasizes more so than the dreary). The aliens looked believable and there was seamless integration of real and unreal. Some may not like it, it really socks it to you and some may argue that its portrayal of blacks was negative but that’s not what I saw AT ALL. As @dwaynefighter said it’s a thinker’s movie, it’s a challenge and you may be up for it or you may not but do not go expecting to merely skim the surface and enjoy it, you will be disappointed.

This is been a very nice movie summer, a few more to go and of course there'll be reviews.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

G.I. JOE = G.I. NO!

Akimat and I haven't seen each other in some time, she's usually my go to gal for going out cause she's always up for it and we always have a good time. So we decide let's go to the movies and we decide to see "G.I Joe". I have never really seen an episode of the cartoon. I'm familiar with some of the names but mostly have no idea who anyone is. I actually thought there was a G.I. named Joe so...

The movie is 118 minutes long and truly there are maybe 2 scenes in which I didn't roll my eyes and were some what entertaining. One of the worst films I've ever seen. No joke. Channing Tatum was as flat as a pancake and I love me some Marlon Wayans but sweet minty Jesus where did his comedic timing go? Sienna Miller? The plot? The fucking dialogue? There were 1000 things wrong and as I said only 2 scenes were good enough to warrant a positive reaction from me. I understand and appreciate the use of animation within the film I mean it's based on a cartoon you're trying to keep that feel. Everything else was a big FAIL WHALE. Sexism is ripe and rampant but that doesn't seem to be any different than most other movies nowadays. I cant believe how bad it was. If there were a saving grace it would be Joseph Gordon-Levitt...not because of his performance but I have a HUGE crush. I would recommend you see it yourself to make your own judgement but you can't say I didn't warn you. For a supposed action film it was boring too. Weird right?

I also watched "Shaun of the Dead" last week for the first time (commercial filled and censored) but beggars cant be choosers.

Have I not said how much I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? They're a hilarious comedic duo. Love them. The movie was filled with so much goodness. From the zombies to Bill Nighy to Pegg's character unshaking need to go to the pub, all the way to the end where Frost's character is seen in the garden shed zombified but playing a video game. It was so very good and not just funny but entertaining and surprisingly emotional. Pegg played the role beautifully (tailor made for him) I believed his emotional displays from regret, sadness, horror and in his funniest moments just above hilarious. So well made. The camera angles, the script. so great. On my list for top zombie movies.

Going to see "District 9" tonight with Arteip should be good. You can be certain there will be reviews. Live, Love, Laugh!

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

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After the fuckery today I just cannot stand anymore bullshit in life. I'm the person to always respect people's opinions, I'm the person who truly believes in everyone's right to an opinion. I may not agree but I would never judge an opinion as wrong...

Until today. I give respect when I get it, but there are people who will never respect other opinions because they are singleminded, selfish, hate mongering assholes. I refuse to be apart of that, I refuse to treat people like second class citizens. And for what? For what? Because they're gay? Are you serious? Our world is in turmoil and we're divided because of sexual orientation, religion and race. It's disgusting. It's disgusting what we as a people have become.

We were great once, we walked upright, developed opposable thumbs, created so many things with this brain of ours and this same brain is being degraded by matters that should never matter.

I don't have to be G,L,B or T to be apart of the community, I am there to support and help people who are treated like shit for no reason other than God told me it's wrong...really? God told you that? My God told me to love and treat every man,woman and child as I wish to be loved and treated.

I pray one day you will realize your error and begin to put your efforts into ensuring that babies don't starve to death and wars never get started. That's where I'll be and I'll be waiting for you. I'm by no means perfect but I like to think I know right from's wrong, as easy as that, no need for dissertations. It is wrong. Why can't you see that?
Fell asleep doing a post a few days ago. Wrote it but didn't save it...Shame on me. Well today's review day as you should know after yesterday's Saturday premieres. Nothing good on Starz, HBO or Cinemax but Showtime came through with 'Lars and the Real Girl' starring Ryan Gosling.

Easily one of the most emotional movies ever, I never thought I'd get so invested. I believed it would be awkward and clumsy but it was truthful, reflective and sweet. I can admit I cried and it surprised me so because in recent years there haven't been many movies I've actually shed tears for but this moved me so unexpectedly. The performances were so true to life and convincing Gosling worked it so well, from the lack of eye contact to his just off normal ticks and movements to his hushed speech. Beautifully portrayed. The story is brought to life well but the story was worth it. Very well written, nicely shot and edited. Very good movie.

As I didn't do a review after last week's premieres I'll do one now of The Mummy: Dragon Empire now.

I was genuinely surprised that I enjoyed this movie. I thought it would be truly horrible but it was quite tolerable. Replacing Rachel Weisz with Maria Bello felt disingenuous and a little weird. She tried way to hard with that English accent and the love scenes between her and Brendan Fraser were awesomely cringe worthy but I still enjoyed it. I didn't laugh and certainly didn't cry, its not a movie for great emotional experiences but it was a very pleasant experience overall. The CGI stuff was done very well and the look of the movie was very becoming of the time, though I do miss the old glamor look of the first with most trilogies/series the first is usually the best and this is definitely the case here but it didn't suck as much as I anticipated and I would gladly watch it again.

I'm living and loving right now as you should...I have a Weh Yu Mean? segment coming up soon so watch out. Live, Love, Laugh!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I AM Scared of Stickshift and Fried Food and Beers

As I noted in the previous post I went to get my learner's permit (awesomely easy and fairly fast...SHOCKED!) and signed up for my first few driving lessons. Now I would have been happy and excited about my first time behind the wheel IF I had not waited 2 and a half hours just to get my time with the instructor. There were alot of people ahead of me, lack of vehicles and vehicle breakdowns....all contributed to the wait, but I was still happy to begin learning about gears and the clutch *sigh*... To facilitate my lessons, I will have to put my gym membership renewal on hold *cries softly* I can't afford both right now and so I will have to forgo one to facilitate the other.

This was not an easy decision at all. I have lost some weight and look forward to losing more but it will be hard without the gym equipment but it CAN be done and I intend to continue with it. I've decided to lessen my calorie intake even more, I'm giving up fried foods, red meat and rice *cries softly* It will be more than hard but I've always believed I'm a strong person...I mean I must be strong to endure half the shit I have so I hope I'll be strong enough for myself to continue.

Appleton Temptation Isle. The Emancipation weekend (August 1) is the weekend where (mostly) young persons celebrate freedom and independence by going to Negril on this weekend and committing all sorts of depraved acts....OK fine, it's not that bad.

young people + non stop flowing alcohol - inhibitions/sleep + hotel rooms - parents = ????

As you can see this is an interesting way to spend a weekend in which you are supposed to be celebrating and reflecting on the end of slavery. I will not be hypocritical though, I have been as the moniker implies tempted to go and frolic and be young and drunk and free but I've never gone and when my friends asked me to go I've chalked it up to my being broke (as usual) but that's not the whole truth, I just think it's an overall waste so I just never went and I never regretted that decision. The weekend is here again and at the ripe old age of 23 I'm not even tempted to go this year...*shrugs* I have made a promise to go at least once so who knows maybe next year?
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