Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 ?

Why is it that when I come to work I have a horrible pain in my neck and right arm? This is not good. This is not good at all. *sigh* *OWW!!!**

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Book, Box, Envelopes, T-shirt

So here I am at work...Trying to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. You know keep calm before the work day begins. Someone I don't know taps me on the shoulder hands me a bright red bag and asks me to sign for it. I look around puzzled as it seems there are a few other persons with the similar bag looking quite pleased and I am thinking OK cool sure I'll sign. Though my workplace was decorated like Christmas morning with red balloons and other fandangles I thought 'Oh great another effing promotion', I had no clue the fanfare was for us lowly office workers. So upon opening the bag I see a book, a box, some envelopes and a T-shirt.
  1. The book - Who Moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
  2. The envelopes - Letters saying thanks for being a ****** employee and US$100 (YEAH!)
  3. The T-shirt - Red polo type shirt, the type I love to wear with the slogan I am ******* on the front (A few sizes smaller than my bulk but who cares right?)
  4. The box - a brand new Burgundy Blackberry Curve 8320...WHAT?! Yes you heard right a Burgundy Blackberry Curve 8320.
So I'm hyperventilating thinking 'OH.MY.GOD.!!!' Over and over again. I'm thinking 'Yes! Now I can sell it and make an easy money' Alas. I'll prolly sell it within a month or so but I'm too excited... I always say that I love and hate my job at the same time and this is definately one of the reasons I like it.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guys always say that they want a girl who's real, down-to-earth. Why are they lying?

It's OK to say you want a girl that's hot, that's nice to look at. Someone whose simpering sighs and obnoxious whines keep you interested. At least I would understand and respect you more for it. Please stop with regurgitating what you think is politically correct and what people expect to hear. It's all instinct and I for one understand that at our base we are no more than animals. We have the same principles all we did is learn how to control those base urges. We developed those super-egos and never looked back. But still we are animals and as animals we are attracted to what it is that we think is best for us. Best to have kids with, best to make us better. Best. and for certain we are a pack of wolves trying not only to be the leader but to also attract a leader.

So cut the bullshit about wanting what's on the inside because Real girls like me, down-to-earth girl like me who are often sitting alone at home don't buy it.

Monday, September 15, 2008


RANDOM THOUGHT - Some bitches do shit to stay relevant to people who don't give a shit. It's hilarious to me why the fuck you think I need to know that you know this and that person or that your degree/diploma/car/child/man/woman...Fuck I can't stand it. I need people to stop telling me dumb shit and stop abusing my senses. My workplace is like bullshit central. How much can one person really take?


RANDOM THOUGHT - Ok so I've been severely obsessed with babies, celebrity babies, babes I know, kids who used to be babies. They are so adorable and I just want a baby to enter my life. I don't want to have one (Hell No...i'm only 22 after all) but I want someone I know to have a baby so I can go through the experience with them. I love me some babies. *sigh*

RANDOM THOUGHT - I've been losing a little weight, not by effort but purely coincidence. I have less to eat and I don't snack as much and with watching TV and the internet there seems to be no time for eating in between meals. I'm trying to increase my water intake and take more vitamins. Who knows maybe I will reach my goal weight of 160 lbs one day.

RANDOM THOUGHT - When I was in high school (Big ups to the ole pink and green) my history class in grades 10 and 11 were the most hilarious and nonsensical calsses I ever had. My teacher (used loosely) was a riot, ask anyone now who was in that class they immediately start laughing and crying. WORST! I passed the time while she talked about Tainos to artistically draw boys names on each and every page of my notebook (time well spent I thought) Then when I got even more idle and she moved on to her time spent in Europe teaching (again loosely) English (laughable) to young catholic school boys I began my search for the meaning of names and I wrote the meaning for every name I had drawn in the book. Good times, good times. Reminisce.

Welcome back !!HOT GUY ON THIS DAY!! Another feature that's been left by the wayside for a few months. Today's !!HOT GUY of August 5, 1981!! is Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Theres just something about his quirky persona that I like... I like them creative and quirky...

Travis ~ It is of Old French origin, and its meaning is "to cross over". Occupational name for gate-keepers and others who collected tolls at bridges and fords.

Isn't that some effed up ish? I love it...I think I'm going to start to include it in posts.
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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

September 11th huh? I watched a special on the Hstory channel last night where they showed the tragedy completely from amateur footage of persons from all vatage points in New York. It was...tragic to say the least. Tragic and sad. The World Trade Center buildings fell and I was so saddened, I was angry too. These are people's lives. People who have families and thought they would be seeing those families at the end of the day. Seeing those people hang out windows, waving whatever they could in hopes of being rescued tore at my heart. It felt like it was haoppening all over again. The firefighters, police, emergency workers...and just plain ole joe schmo who were trying to help as many people as they could. I felt as if I was watching a movie. A horrible movie.

As I watched though what I also thought about was the daily tragedies in countries such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Dem. Republic of Congo, Iraq, North's endless...Somalia, Darfur...It's fucking endless, this list. Those people don't have cameras to document their atrocities and the few who do, what they've recorded could never be shown on television. We are bombarded by news from the US, the news, reviews...almost every feed we have is filtered through this country and of course top priority will always be themsleves. It's sad taht there are some kids who don't even know there is a whole Eastern Hemisphere. I by no means and will never endorse what happened that day, but I will certainly embrace that Americans are not the only one who suffer. They commemorate a day...what about those who live thorugh it every day. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are all September 11th for them.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I 's a Graduate Now (I Think)

I do believe I am now a university graduate!!! Upper Second Class Honors, Yeah! I really hate UWI as you can see by this post here but I had such a feeling of joy when I saw that I am finally a graduate of that school. Feels like a weight has been lifted I feel free. Free and happy. For those persons who revere UWI more power to you but I've never been to a more depressing place in my life. I may have to go back to do my Masters but I'm fighting that with all my might!

Arteip took some amazing pictures of the Hope River Bridge...or at least what's left of it.
Gustav really did a number on us. Residents in Harbor are completely cut off. It's crazy... Be Safe Arteip!

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