Monday, December 18, 2006

Yeah I'm Not There Yet

I don't know what's up with my ass lately... I've been very moody and inattentive and very very restless. I'm so tired... like right now I should be studying for an exam I have tomorrow right... Instead I'm so cold and hungry and bored with everything I just want to get up and go home. I feel so disillusioned about everything thats been happening to me I fear that I am not going to get over any of it. Do I sound weird and rambly... That's because I am weird and rambling about nothing. This too shall eventually pass and I'll eventually get and feel better. I made a promise to myself that I would try to blog about more Jamaican stuff since I am and will always be a proud Jamaican. I'll call this section

  • Let's first begin with this ridiculous fight/spat/quarrel between artistes Vybz Kartel and the members of the so named Alliance. First let me point out that a group of men refering to themselves by one name sounds very boy bandish to me and I never agreed with it...This is Jamaica not little Italy and there is no 'mafia' here we have gangs and crews but no 'mafia' and I would apprecaite if the 'mafia' style tactics be stopped. So back to the spat... Why are these grown men acting like 8 year old children? The same tactics I used when I was 7 seem to be the same ones being applied. Does anyone ever remember hearing or saying "If you be Johnny friend you cant be my friend because I dont like Johnny"? Oh yeah that was said alot... Why is it being recalled and reused in this fiasco? Stop the foolishness and I mean all of you (yes Beenie i mean you too). I can't pass any judgements on what you choose to do but please choose to act like a grown indidviduals I and I'm sure many of my fellow Jamaicans implore you to do so.

  • Next let me lay a little surprise at my own feet ZJ Liquid is Amelia 'stop calling yourself MILK' Sewel are in a relationship... whe yu mean? Am I like the only one who didnt know this? Thanks yardflex for opening my eyes... Also Amelia, yes I'm speaking to you, beating a girl is so eighth grade. STOP IT!

  • Ummmm... Tami Chynn(not you real name) and Wayne Marshall... whe yu mean? I mean we all heard the rumors but come on people... Alright I don't have a problem per se with this union except that it seems very suspect and unexpected especially since both parties have been in long term (pickney and ting) relationships with other people. It just seem so sudden so... What is not happening.

  • 'Dutty Wine' banned? For what reason... This was only an alleged connection (condolenses to the family) but come now people lets be real. Who will be the arresting officer for that shizznit? STOP IT!

  • I heard that Air Supply heat up the place not too long ago... Everybody knows that Air Supply run the thing... A little birdie told me that Tessanne Chin was the hotness and that Alaine (even though we love you girl) was not necessarily the hotness. Mama Carmen... thats all that needs to be said about that. Check out the pics from the show here.

  • My party picks for the week are: OSMOSIS 22.12, WELCOME TO JAMROCK 22.12, GUINESS STING 26.12,RENAISSANCE'S CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY 24.12,SPECIAL DELIVERY 25.12. Check out what else is going on here, here and possibly here.

  • French Connection is how much? For what?
  • Stephen Marley's Traffic Jam MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a listen and you decide.

Thats all I have for you today but for sure there'll be more in posts to come. Our HOT GUY through the Centuries today is... TA DA... Damian Marley.

I will say that Damian is kinda cute... Yes me Lion.

Friday, December 01, 2006

So I've become this Hard Ass...

My, my, my how I wish I didn't see that young man from the yonders today. How I wish that my mind wasn't runnign a million miles a minute just because I saw him and i palpitationg? Wishing again that I had opened the window given him a little glimpse of me. I find I'm still reeling from my reading of Eric Jerome Dickey's "Between Lovers". Smarting and hoping that I never love someone so much that I destroy myself and that I could love the right person at the right time. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN...lets try to move on shall we... The vagina slips are getting old so we won't even go there. Tody we'll have an edition of...


Today's MOVIE I ONLY JUST SAW is a twofer. First up is


I will be the first to admit when a movie is bad...This one wasn't half as bad as persons claimed it was...I was happy to watch it. However, the predictable plot, the corny lines, the not so cute outfit and the implausible storyline did wear thin on me at some points but overall I could watch it again. It rates a 6/10 on my meter. (mostly because Benjamin Bratt looked so damn HOT! in it)
Next in my twofer is


This movie was... unlike alot of Adam Sandler movies i've seen, funny. Parts were still corny as hell but I completely enjoyed it. It kinda grew on me. Adam was funny, the scenes were funny and I found myself laughing at the times i was supposed to laugh. I'm shocked. 7/10.

The days have been slow I'm coming upon my exams and I'm pretty tired all the time but I really can't complain about any of it. I've decided not to do ne more quotes because it's just too hard to remember them all so the few I do I post at the end of my page. Enjoy everyone and remeber to COMMENT!!!!

P.P.Before I forget and leave you hungry guys panting I have a Hot guy through the
centuries just waiting for you...Here he is...

As you can see here BORIS isnt shy and theres no reason he should be.

Aint No Time Like the Present

I have to write in RED to day because people just don't get it. They don't get that having unprotected sex puts you at risk for serious harm and they don't get that you need to get tested, and that the test can save your life and it can save your partners life. Do the damn thing get tested...
Knowing is beautiful.

Visit the World Aids Day site today. Aint no time like the present.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I know Jesus's birthday is coming up and since all he wants is peace on earth and goodwill to all men I figured why not tell you guys what I want (other than peace on earth and good will to all men) for his birthday because it's like everyone has two birthdays anyway. I thought I wasn't going to be materialistic this year and ask for the chance to make the world a better place but then I thought where's the fun in that? I want stuf and all I want to do is share what these things are and hope that someone with a billion dollars to spare will willingly give me a million or two of know for the season, out of the goodness of their hearts. If you can give me one of these things gladly email me at to donate.

1. A Home (More like a house actually, I've got a home)

2. A Car ( I have a slight obssession with VW Beetles)

3. A laptop (I have no computer at home...*sigh*)

4. A Digital Camera ( I have people, experiences and places I want to remember)

5. An iPod (I need songs that reflect my mood to make me feel good)

6. A fully functioning cell phone ( I need to contact my contacts...wink, wink)

7. A nice pair of Knee High Boots ( I love me some boots but this is optional)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen my Jesus' birthday wishlist...Can some one give me even one of these? Please!

P.P.(post post): I'd like to add fun, good vibes and love from mankind.

FoolHardy Tsag

So another week passes me by as I sit and wait for one of two things to happen. 1. I get cable and do not die of boredom or 2. I die from boredom while studying for my exam. The second option is the one I'm practising right now. I'm DYING! On tuesday I watched the American Music Awards. Well...It was fun...There were ALOT of performances...

On a more somber note...Sometimes you think of yourself in different ways than others think of you. What you wish for them is certainly not what they wish for you. I can't hate people so I'll just keep giving them the love I have for them even though they don't give it to me in return. I see myself as bigger than the petty, supeficial fooloishness that often times invades my life. I try to think that I flow right through it, but sometimes I know it hits me to the heart...I get knocked down. I get knocked down so hard I find it hard to get up agin. I guess it's jus foolhardy Tsag.
Be good to someone today.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WOOT!!!(Ok I borrowed it)

I do believe I'm in H.E.A.V.E.N. Because the persona I love the most just sent me an email in response to one I sent him before...I feel like ...I feel like...I feel like I won something...View the email below and please no one tell me I'm insane, just let me bask in this moment of near recognition... I swear every time I look at it I blush and have palpitations...I know its not much but there are a couple people I swear I'd keel over if they ever responded to any of the shit I spew to them of course one is Trent, another is Jill Scott, another still would be Eric Jerome Dickey and yet another would be Anderson Cooper and the list goes on...ok lets add Bryan to that as well but seriously there are many but these would be like the people I LOVE LOVE LOVE and are the first to come to mind right now.
{click on images to go to sites}

Update:Darn it seems that blogger wont do the damn thing and I cant upload the email in a viewable form and I have yet to be skilled enough to know how to do that but I will and everybody will bask in its beautifulness(It could be a word).I'm so excited...seriously ;-)

Up-Update:I sent another email and guess what...He responded again..I about fainted when I read it i thought for sure I had died, been reincarnated and was living the life of a goddess...I've been touched. I'm still dying guys. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wan han yan dan onan tan Isan han tan tan han efan u can kan upan?

So of course everyone must know by now that I'm a crazy emeff right? So what do you do when you're bored out of your mind....? You search for pictures of anything online, post them and leave a comment...yes ladies and gents i'm insane. What shall we start with first... I thnik I know all their names...However I was so enraptured by their beauty that I just can't remeber right now...I do know I got them all off of Queerty and their Morning Goods section, one of their best ideas yet.(Please no one ask me if it's a gay site...because it is. Guard your sensibilities...and your privates if you venture there...NO I'm not gay.)


He's just half naked and I love it. Sue me.
His look is so...fourty is the new twenty. Older guys have got such appeal.
Aren't his green eyes perfect... *sigh*I just love me some blond in a hay stack...don't you?Tamika will know that dark hair and eyes are one of my weaknesses and just looking at him is seriously making me weak.
Quotes are so cliche...I love this blog...I love me and I love everyone who reads this and gets a laugh. Smooches...Leave a comment please...I implore you...It's not the same as begging...but it's close.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to the Middle and Around again...

No one can tell me that sometimes school isnt so damn S.W.E.E.T.!!!Except of course for those freshers bitches that just give you an ulcer once you've seen them. Other than those...hold up let me swallow the bile...other than them I love the first day of school. This is going to be one hell of a picture post so get ready. Ive got...Movies I Only Just Saw and Hot Guy galore...So hold on to those hats...Where fore art thou the John Mayer that I so love who is this? It cannot be the same person...
Who is this?
and what has she got to say for herslef except "Feed me...PLEASE!"

Oh It's Allegra...Donatella's daughter..Is it a wonder that the daughters messed up?

Moving on I watched a couple movie's since I last posted the shizznit. So here is another edition of...

I have got a load of movies to stick you face in so let's get ready...The first MOVIE I ONLY JUST SAW is
Ok so I personally think this movie is nutso...It was cool i guess...If you've ever seen Happy Gilmore or any other weirdo Adam Sandler movie then Anger Management is that only with a "sane" Adam Sandler and...blah blah blah. It bored me but thats just me, looking at it objectively I'd say it intrigued me . I wanted to see if Jack Nicholsons charcter was really nutso so I watched. It gets a 6/10 from me.

Next on the list is...

Ummm....I watched it....maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I was 6. I love me some Matthew Broaderick but I have to say this gadget stuff did nothing for me. I give it a 4/10.

On to...
Ok I have to say I rather enjoyed this, but it reeked of every other romantic comedy there was and I kinda cringed at that last part. Not because I could empathize and I felt what Will Smith was saying but becasue it was cheesy and very very corny...I watched it about twice though because some of the scenes really had me cracking up. I give it a 7.75/10.

And still there is more. NEXT...
Lovely cinematography, Goran Visnjic (wha has been featured as one of my hot guy through the centuries) was very goodlooking and Jennifer Garner was nice. The movie was...nice for lack of a better word. It wasnt great and it wasnt bad. It was just nice. I give it a 7/10.

Now that thats over...Lets see whats happening...I think theres been gossip going on but nothing that I and I hope you would be interested in...So lets move on to

HOT GUY of 1810 and Shemar and Arel!!!! It is time the black men stepped up and these two took up the challenge. DAMN!!!!!

As I leave you now I will mention that this post took me ages to finish because I was bored a little bit with blogger and cebrelity but I've gotten over that. Also I have a lot of school work to do...I'm swamped. As Arteip would say "Why are some sex offenders so goodlooking?" but as I type that i realise that thats not cool. Suppose I was sexually offended I wuld really hate whomever wrote and said I'll quote instead Akeina "Why didnt the eagles just bring frodo to Mordor? Were they busy?" And remember velvet on an elf is so couture.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Urm... I was supposed to write something real good today but I totally got caught in the cebrelity and forgot now I'll be leaving school and I wont be back til next week so guys hows about hanging on for a super mucho grande post next week that you guys'll love, instead of something forced that yuouy'll maybe like.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't tell me...Please don't tell me!

My friend Irrehs arrived on Saturday...I was there to meet her and I happily spent some time with her. It was nice seeing her again. It was just nice you know. Memories just bombarded me. It felt good to remember and make new memories. I went to the Quad on Friday...It was...odd, I dont know something was different about it. I went to Yesterday, an oldies music party, with my friend Akimat. I really, really, really enjoyed myself. I haven't had so much since...I cant really remember when last I had as much fun. I'm still in my J-O-B. I also accepted a position as a Telemarketer so if you hear me call you dont hang up. Please... Enough begging...Onto the juice...and that was the juice. Is it me or is life just a tad boring for everyone lately. Another question why the hell am I the one holding the bags? I am not your maid or assistant, I'm supposed to be your friend. One more for the road who cares, who your effin? Why does it matter? Why should it matter? I don't give a shite...Maybe I should shout it from the mountaintops so that people won't come telling me about their significant others, nor effin asking me about my own. Why the eff do you want to know? Are you planning to eff me over with him? Dont ask, dont want to know and I dont want to tell. Please leave me alone where that is concerned. I understand that a significant other is important...I do understand, but i dont u want to regale all the details of what he bought you, when he told you he loved you or when he effed you for the first time please turn around and go away. Its none of my business and Im making a promise now, tell me and it goes on my blog. The same goes for the shite I say...You can send any shite I say to anyone u want to send it as long as you call me Tsagrednerp, shite a long time me want people know my name. So please calm yourselves ladies...I'm not your least not yet. Also your sexual exploits are none of my business...I am not nor have I ever been Dr. Sue...I have no sex advice and I cannot determine whether or not whatever he did to you is normal. I have no idea. Don't ask me. I am not Wikipedia but some of the things I hear should be posted on Uncyclopedia instead. First of all although I think sex is a natural part of life that should be shared between two (or more depending on what you like) consenting adults. I get disturbed thinking about you and sex. It really weirds me out. I know I prolly have said things about it in the past, and I regret this because I dont want that to be done to me so I wont ever do it again. I love reltionships as much as the next afflicted girl/woman but Im gettin sick and tired of them (More on this in a later post.) Don't ask, don't tell is my new policy. I was properly put in my place the other day (not you Irrek) and it had me thinking (again) WTF?? Why did I even ask? So you know what keep your shite to yourself people and I promise not to ask. Eff me infinity it seems.
Is a serious ting...No quotes!No cute man...Nutten!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

So this is what working in a cubicle feels like? Save yourselves...I'm a goner.

So I've been workin my ass off for the past week at my new J.O.B. Only to hear that we're working too well and I may lose my damn J.O.B. Damn what kinda shite is that? Well I've been working with a couple people, tryin to make the funds to purchase my new Computer (*sigh*). The $$$ aint working out though. Darn...I tell you... So I'm loving my life at least today, tomorrow who knows what I'll be thinking. I'm loving the people around me and loving the air I'm breathing and just loving myself at least at little bit. So whats been happening in the world? Sadly I have to report that Dr. The Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley died on Tuesday, wish I had seen her live, seen her in her prime, seen her being big, beautiful, dynamic and Jamaican. Wish i had seen her act because I love Jamaica and I love the people who leave here and still rep for their country, the home they were born the home they love. Me love me Jamaica. Fi me love hav lion heart, fi me love hav lion heart only fi you. Much love and respect to Ms. Lou. Ok totally off that track now that Angelad baby statue foolishness is the worst thing i have ever heard in my entire 20 years of life. Cebrelity, yes I do mean cebrelity, has sunk to an all time new low. Lance Bass? Gay? Hahahahahahahahaha... Of course it's not necessarily surprising...If there is a gay look all the members of N'Sync had it...Thats why I was a Backstreet Boys fan.

Hot Guy of 2006...has to be suspended until I can get on a computer that can handle the speed...Damn! He's hot though so keep watching.
Today's quote is from Euqinay "Yow gully swine a man eva tell u seh u funky!" Remember listening to dancehall music doesnt make you any worst a person than those who buy cheese.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Assorted details of a day when I didnt spend any $$

I don't even want to know how long it's been since I posted something. Well it seems not much controversy really except just the normal shite. What's up with the world man? what's up with the world? Well thats how it is sometimes. I have so much love for people y'know I'm oft confused why people don't have love for themselves...Hey no need to bring the world down with me. I'm just living and lovin in life, just living and loving. Saw a couple movies in the past few weeks...

They weren't all that bad...I can't wait for...

I'm so excited about Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead man's Chest, I'm getting goosebumps now thinkin about it. I'm so celebrity obssessed it's scary.

And now it's time for...

Today's monstrosity is IRISH JAM...Absolutely one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I have no idea who decided to make this movie I think they are insane i do believe so everybody who worked on, in and around this movie is insane. I give it a 10/10 on the worst movies ever scale.

Hot guy of Josh!

As my mother said while watching this movie "God skewer my eyes and ears..." And as I leave you I say feeble minds make feeble ice-cream. Remember that while your eating some.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The eyes windows to the soul...or so they say.

Well guys I got glasses yesterday. Its unbeleivable how clear the world is... Its even more beautiful than i remebered. Well whats been happening? Nothing. The party was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! Real good that I didnt have to pay to get in. The woes of a former teenager. I love this blog and very much wish i had a computer at home so that i can update it frequently...but live in hope die on Red Hills Road. Lets speak about the excellent grades I received for my semester at UWI. Magnificent. Need I say any more? Still workin for that camera. So keep love where it cant hurt you. Later....

Everything's broken so when next I write an entry I'll give a real update.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeah...Back off Homie.

This has got to be a quickie. So I've been doin squat with my self. I hate my summer job and wish I was in a cubicle. Im going to a party tomorrow, tell you all about that later. I broke up with my boyfriend. Nothing new to spark any debates. I'll spread my foolishness later. Sorry about the shortness of this blog, I'll make it up next time. Feast your eyes on the hotnesses I have for you to day.

Meet Brad everybody...I have to admit I kinda like blonds

This is Raphael...Do I need to say more?
This is Jetzel...A little young for my tastes but look at those abs...
Here's Jetzel again...I kinda like the innocence of this picture.
Here we get a little erotic...but DAMN!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm going down, i'm going down.... My whole world's upside down.

I just knew my high would come down. Natural high guys...sometimes the world is so full of life and colurs and beauty to behold that you just automatically feel good. I was automatically feeling good for a while there but now...I'm going down...I feel hot and tired and destitute and hopeless. The world is dreary and dark and wet and the life in it before is no longer there. I dont feel good about much but this is just a phase. On to better and greater things I say. One thing I want to talk about is...(drum roll please) the lesbian experience via threesome or otherwise. I know weird topic right especially after my monologue above but hey my mind works in very mysterious ways. I know a few of you Jamaican girls have been "pleasantly offered" the opportunity to take part in a threesome (2 girls, 1 guy formation). I say plesantly offered because they didnt really ask you did they, there is a suggestive quality to their voices as if they are saying "You have to have a threesome with me and another girl because if you dont you dont love me/I'm going to leave you" I mean they dont say it but it's there as if the relationship will suffer if this is not done. Well what do you think....What i think is that people do whatever the hell they feel like, it's not my business and I'm going to make sure I stay out of other people's business. Now, a girl who performs the formation named above is not termed a lesbian because there is a young man, neither is the young man named a slut but turn the formation around (2 guys, 1 girl) the young man, especially if it's not a friend, is a Homo and the girl is a whore. Where's the justice in that? I can't say that I have knowledge of anything other than my own life but double standard? I think so...Now I havent heard many instances of girl on girl action but I have a feeling it's more prevalent than people may think. I dont mean same sex schools either, I mean girls (and maybe some young men too) are experimenting with their friends. Not just school friends but neighbours and sometimes even family (for example siblings (EEEWWW!!!) or cousins) I have found that children of similar ages when left alone are prone to do anything together because they're curious. I will tell you though that kissing a member of your own sex does not make you a homosexual, neither is finding yourself uniquely attracted to a specific member of the same sex. Wikipedia defines homosexuality as "...a lasting aesthetic attraction, romantic love, or sexual desire EXCLUSIVELY for others of the same sex or gender." I'm not gay and I dont know anyone who is gay...unless of course any of my friends have something to tell me? I just don't want another generation being confused and suffering through teen years that seem so long and hopeless. Dont fret about whether you are or you arent, love yourself whoever you are. Think about who you are not what you are.

And now it's time for MOVIES I ONLY JUST SAW Today's movie I just saw is ARMAGEDDON.

I say HELL YEAH! I liked it good acting, fairly off base plot but hey thats the movies for you and I cried at the end that constitutes a good watch for me. GRADE: 8 /10.

Hot guy of 1823...Jonathon!

As Ayokihso would say "Ole______ whey yu want?" And do remember it's not what you eat but who you eat.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I want nothing except $$$$$$$$$$$...and maybe Ice cream

Please someone give me a break with all these celbrities and their toro excreto. I'm tired, tired, TIRED of only seeing news about them and their selfish, self indulgent pukee lives....Ok so now that that fit of pique is over how is it possible for Britney Spears to be pregnant again? What in heavens name possessed her to dip into that white chocolate again? Save us all...also....ok so there's no also but DANG! Britney I mean not like I liked you before or anything but now I just feel sorry for you. Oh well! And now for movies that are sure to win that Oscar next year...GOAL! and Stick It. Feel good song of Thursday night Lauryn Hill's "ZION." Peace and retreat. No quote today because the quote machine broke down but look for quotes next blog.

Hot guy of 1115 A.D....GORAN!!!!

I can't help myself sometimes...

Friday, May 05, 2006

End of an era spent down someone's creek and other Ha-has

I had a total Dawson flash back the other day. Was remembering the episode where Jen tells Dawson that Pacey and Joey have a thing going on... Ok Ok I know I won't even bother what I will do is post a couple before and after pics of them and tell you how messed up I was about that show. For example I had an exam the day after the series finale and of course you know what I did I watched all two hours of it and then I cried like a baby because 1) Yeah it was sad to see Jen die, 2) Jack and Pacey's brother were so cute together especially with that kid, 3) Pacey and Joey were together(Thank God!) and 4)The show had ended and my obssession was coming to a close...I'm girl enough to admit it.
The cast of the Creek...
When did James van der Beek get so HOT!?
Oh Katie, Katie, Katie...
I still think he's still kinda cute...I kinda like her...Am I weird?This was the best pic I could find...Thats a little sad I know.
The Creek will live forever in my herat...and hopefully my DVD collection.
P.S. I do love My Jamaican Drama. If you missed the morning Interview of Beenieman and D'Angel on TVJ's Smile Jamaica, you missed it all. My poor blocked aorta heart. Three months preggers, tone deaf but still pretty D'Angel was over shadowed by her strong and "Mega star not Single star" fiance/manager. While they talked about her career and their wedding and while Beenieman looked at a corsage for the wedding I laughed and nearly died of a heart attack. My mother proceeded to call me from work to tell me to watch it. I don't know but Beenieman and D'Angel are really the TomKat of Jamaica.

I love you B'Angel...HEHEHEHE!!!

As Elleinad would say "In but, not of..." And remember the can won't open if it's on your face.

Hot guy for the year 107 A.D.... Bobby!!! Whooooooooo!!!!!!!