Sunday, April 24, 2011

Posts from the New BB

I don't know what skinny feels like and I'm not certain I want to. I've always been fat and bigger than most I meet and though I have my issues with my weight, my size has always been comforting and comfortable.

I feel strong and grounded. I like to feel my weight, know my impact. I have nothing against anyone who wishes to be thin or is naturally so, to each his own and I would never judge another persons decisions or judgments.

I like to feel the roundness of my hips and arms and I smile and give them a rub because I love them and they're a part what makes me but the aren't my entirety. So many pieces to this puzzle my body isn't even the half.

Being fat is a powerful statement for me. I'm taller and bigger than most and I feel like an amazing amazonian goddess and whoever can't accept that well that isn't my problem.

I can't see myself skinny and truly I don't know if I want to, I am fat and it's a part of my identity and I revel in it. I don't hide from it and I don't let it define me.

I can't say I'll never lose weight maybe I will maybe I won't but I'll always be fat. Fat and happy with it.