Saturday, February 16, 2008

Art is Life

Sometimes I think I'm the only award show fanatic left in the world or at least in Jamaica. I am the only one I know who will stay up and watch all 3 and half hours of the Oscars...All boring 3 hours of the Grammy's (and trust they were boring)...I'll even watch the frigging American Music Awards if it's on TV Ill stay up and I'll watch and then want to discuss what the hell happened on the show and why exactly it was really a wasted venture. Usually I only have myself to speak with though as I repeat no one watches them but me...*Sigh*

I've recently watched both seasons of a show called "Noah's Arc". The show is about four black gay men in and out of various types of relationships and how they live and love. It's not the greatest show I've ever seen, because though the story line is juicy, in the gossip sense, the acting often falls flat and makes the whole thing seem like a really really bad play. Can I say how I love it though?? I cannot express how it makes me feel good to watch the show. AWESOME! So much drama had me shouting out all sorts of things to the computer screen and feeling like I'm apart of the cast, a part of the friendship developed by these four actors. The chemistry between them is nice and though they're not all the greatest actors it's not that bad. I recommend it. There's no deeper meaning to the show though some can argue that it does give some incite into the OUT black gay man, though it does sometimes perpetuate the stereotype but still I mean you can't please everyone right? Its a good (I hestitate to say good because some people may only see the flaws of the show rather than just take it in but I'll go out on a limb) show and you can really get into it... My only question about the show is when the hell is season 3 coming out???

UPDATE: No season 3 but there's going to be a movie to be released in 2008 and there's going to be a wedding?? Who the hell's getting married? Oh drama how I love thee...

My fave Jill Scott made a statement about a poet name Nikki Giovanni...and reading some of her poetry has got me thinking that art is really what makes the world go round. Her poems are so refreshing and amazingly beautiful...

Kidnap poem by Nikki Giovanni

ever been kidnapped

by a poet

if i were a poet

i'd kidnap you

put you in my phrases and meter

you to jones beach

or maybe coney island

or maybe just to my house

lyric you in lilacs

dash you in the rain

blend into the beach

to complement my see

play the lyre for you

ode you with my love song

anything to win you

wrap you in the red Black green

show you off to mama

yeah if i were a poet

i'd kidnap you

AWESOME!!!!!!!! I know I've been a little late with my posts but I dont know the opportunities have been slipping me by and definately because I have no computer/internet at home it does not help. Well my b-day was a nice touch this year I turned the big 2.2 and I was happy to be a year older and a 1/2 centimeter taller I was good. I also got to excercise a crush of mine that I have on the lead singer of a Jamaican rock/alternative band called Crimson Heart Replica...Their sound is really awesome and she's so cute that hey it's a win win.

Thats about all I've got today except the title pic of course which is...