Monday, December 18, 2006

Yeah I'm Not There Yet

I don't know what's up with my ass lately... I've been very moody and inattentive and very very restless. I'm so tired... like right now I should be studying for an exam I have tomorrow right... Instead I'm so cold and hungry and bored with everything I just want to get up and go home. I feel so disillusioned about everything thats been happening to me I fear that I am not going to get over any of it. Do I sound weird and rambly... That's because I am weird and rambling about nothing. This too shall eventually pass and I'll eventually get and feel better. I made a promise to myself that I would try to blog about more Jamaican stuff since I am and will always be a proud Jamaican. I'll call this section

  • Let's first begin with this ridiculous fight/spat/quarrel between artistes Vybz Kartel and the members of the so named Alliance. First let me point out that a group of men refering to themselves by one name sounds very boy bandish to me and I never agreed with it...This is Jamaica not little Italy and there is no 'mafia' here we have gangs and crews but no 'mafia' and I would apprecaite if the 'mafia' style tactics be stopped. So back to the spat... Why are these grown men acting like 8 year old children? The same tactics I used when I was 7 seem to be the same ones being applied. Does anyone ever remember hearing or saying "If you be Johnny friend you cant be my friend because I dont like Johnny"? Oh yeah that was said alot... Why is it being recalled and reused in this fiasco? Stop the foolishness and I mean all of you (yes Beenie i mean you too). I can't pass any judgements on what you choose to do but please choose to act like a grown indidviduals I and I'm sure many of my fellow Jamaicans implore you to do so.

  • Next let me lay a little surprise at my own feet ZJ Liquid is Amelia 'stop calling yourself MILK' Sewel are in a relationship... whe yu mean? Am I like the only one who didnt know this? Thanks yardflex for opening my eyes... Also Amelia, yes I'm speaking to you, beating a girl is so eighth grade. STOP IT!

  • Ummmm... Tami Chynn(not you real name) and Wayne Marshall... whe yu mean? I mean we all heard the rumors but come on people... Alright I don't have a problem per se with this union except that it seems very suspect and unexpected especially since both parties have been in long term (pickney and ting) relationships with other people. It just seem so sudden so... What is not happening.

  • 'Dutty Wine' banned? For what reason... This was only an alleged connection (condolenses to the family) but come now people lets be real. Who will be the arresting officer for that shizznit? STOP IT!

  • I heard that Air Supply heat up the place not too long ago... Everybody knows that Air Supply run the thing... A little birdie told me that Tessanne Chin was the hotness and that Alaine (even though we love you girl) was not necessarily the hotness. Mama Carmen... thats all that needs to be said about that. Check out the pics from the show here.

  • My party picks for the week are: OSMOSIS 22.12, WELCOME TO JAMROCK 22.12, GUINESS STING 26.12,RENAISSANCE'S CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY 24.12,SPECIAL DELIVERY 25.12. Check out what else is going on here, here and possibly here.

  • French Connection is how much? For what?
  • Stephen Marley's Traffic Jam MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a listen and you decide.

Thats all I have for you today but for sure there'll be more in posts to come. Our HOT GUY through the Centuries today is... TA DA... Damian Marley.

I will say that Damian is kinda cute... Yes me Lion.

Friday, December 01, 2006

So I've become this Hard Ass...

My, my, my how I wish I didn't see that young man from the yonders today. How I wish that my mind wasn't runnign a million miles a minute just because I saw him and i palpitationg? Wishing again that I had opened the window given him a little glimpse of me. I find I'm still reeling from my reading of Eric Jerome Dickey's "Between Lovers". Smarting and hoping that I never love someone so much that I destroy myself and that I could love the right person at the right time. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN...lets try to move on shall we... The vagina slips are getting old so we won't even go there. Tody we'll have an edition of...


Today's MOVIE I ONLY JUST SAW is a twofer. First up is


I will be the first to admit when a movie is bad...This one wasn't half as bad as persons claimed it was...I was happy to watch it. However, the predictable plot, the corny lines, the not so cute outfit and the implausible storyline did wear thin on me at some points but overall I could watch it again. It rates a 6/10 on my meter. (mostly because Benjamin Bratt looked so damn HOT! in it)
Next in my twofer is


This movie was... unlike alot of Adam Sandler movies i've seen, funny. Parts were still corny as hell but I completely enjoyed it. It kinda grew on me. Adam was funny, the scenes were funny and I found myself laughing at the times i was supposed to laugh. I'm shocked. 7/10.

The days have been slow I'm coming upon my exams and I'm pretty tired all the time but I really can't complain about any of it. I've decided not to do ne more quotes because it's just too hard to remember them all so the few I do I post at the end of my page. Enjoy everyone and remeber to COMMENT!!!!

P.P.Before I forget and leave you hungry guys panting I have a Hot guy through the
centuries just waiting for you...Here he is...

As you can see here BORIS isnt shy and theres no reason he should be.

Aint No Time Like the Present

I have to write in RED to day because people just don't get it. They don't get that having unprotected sex puts you at risk for serious harm and they don't get that you need to get tested, and that the test can save your life and it can save your partners life. Do the damn thing get tested...
Knowing is beautiful.

Visit the World Aids Day site today. Aint no time like the present.