Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I know Jesus's birthday is coming up and since all he wants is peace on earth and goodwill to all men I figured why not tell you guys what I want (other than peace on earth and good will to all men) for his birthday because it's like everyone has two birthdays anyway. I thought I wasn't going to be materialistic this year and ask for the chance to make the world a better place but then I thought where's the fun in that? I want stuf and all I want to do is share what these things are and hope that someone with a billion dollars to spare will willingly give me a million or two of know for the season, out of the goodness of their hearts. If you can give me one of these things gladly email me at to donate.

1. A Home (More like a house actually, I've got a home)

2. A Car ( I have a slight obssession with VW Beetles)

3. A laptop (I have no computer at home...*sigh*)

4. A Digital Camera ( I have people, experiences and places I want to remember)

5. An iPod (I need songs that reflect my mood to make me feel good)

6. A fully functioning cell phone ( I need to contact my contacts...wink, wink)

7. A nice pair of Knee High Boots ( I love me some boots but this is optional)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen my Jesus' birthday wishlist...Can some one give me even one of these? Please!

P.P.(post post): I'd like to add fun, good vibes and love from mankind.

FoolHardy Tsag

So another week passes me by as I sit and wait for one of two things to happen. 1. I get cable and do not die of boredom or 2. I die from boredom while studying for my exam. The second option is the one I'm practising right now. I'm DYING! On tuesday I watched the American Music Awards. Well...It was fun...There were ALOT of performances...

On a more somber note...Sometimes you think of yourself in different ways than others think of you. What you wish for them is certainly not what they wish for you. I can't hate people so I'll just keep giving them the love I have for them even though they don't give it to me in return. I see myself as bigger than the petty, supeficial fooloishness that often times invades my life. I try to think that I flow right through it, but sometimes I know it hits me to the heart...I get knocked down. I get knocked down so hard I find it hard to get up agin. I guess it's jus foolhardy Tsag.
Be good to someone today.