Friday, December 01, 2006

So I've become this Hard Ass...

My, my, my how I wish I didn't see that young man from the yonders today. How I wish that my mind wasn't runnign a million miles a minute just because I saw him and i palpitationg? Wishing again that I had opened the window given him a little glimpse of me. I find I'm still reeling from my reading of Eric Jerome Dickey's "Between Lovers". Smarting and hoping that I never love someone so much that I destroy myself and that I could love the right person at the right time. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN...lets try to move on shall we... The vagina slips are getting old so we won't even go there. Tody we'll have an edition of...


Today's MOVIE I ONLY JUST SAW is a twofer. First up is


I will be the first to admit when a movie is bad...This one wasn't half as bad as persons claimed it was...I was happy to watch it. However, the predictable plot, the corny lines, the not so cute outfit and the implausible storyline did wear thin on me at some points but overall I could watch it again. It rates a 6/10 on my meter. (mostly because Benjamin Bratt looked so damn HOT! in it)
Next in my twofer is


This movie was... unlike alot of Adam Sandler movies i've seen, funny. Parts were still corny as hell but I completely enjoyed it. It kinda grew on me. Adam was funny, the scenes were funny and I found myself laughing at the times i was supposed to laugh. I'm shocked. 7/10.

The days have been slow I'm coming upon my exams and I'm pretty tired all the time but I really can't complain about any of it. I've decided not to do ne more quotes because it's just too hard to remember them all so the few I do I post at the end of my page. Enjoy everyone and remeber to COMMENT!!!!

P.P.Before I forget and leave you hungry guys panting I have a Hot guy through the
centuries just waiting for you...Here he is...

As you can see here BORIS isnt shy and theres no reason he should be.

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