Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have a job interview in about 2 hours. I am currently hyperventilating. I currently have no one to call to talk me down so I have tobe brave and do this on my own. I'm sure Ill do fine. I may or may not get the job all the other candidates are just as good as myself. It's a toss up. All comes down to who impresses in the interview. Truly all I wish and want to do is just be myself ensure that Im engaging and give smart concise answers. Im nervous as all hel though, trying to keep calm and not fuck it up by crying or some such nonsense. I just there was someone to tell it will be fine. Let me know it's ok being myself. I just have to sell them me and thats what intend to do. Getting calmer and calmer as I write this.

As Always, Thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

Its k to the p.......allooo alllooooo...been tryna call u..u get new number or someting?i never hear from u the interview went?......i was actuallly tryna call u today.

ive never been on an interview in ma whole life...maybe cuz mr resume has never been considered.