Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Humans Only

I recommend you go see 'District 9', here's my review from when I saw it on Tuesday.

Allusions, metaphors, similes... all evident in the of the better adaptations certainly, the point is rammed down your throat as disgustingly as possible. Truly I did not want and will admit I didn't watch the terribly gross parts, I couldn't. My stomach and dreams are just not strong enough. Very nice characterization from the lead, he was featured during almost the entire film and you felt like you went through it with him. The connection you felt with him definitely increases the feeling of disgust, you feel as if you are there going through it with him. I didn't wanna watch but I desperately needed to know what happens next and this so where the movie shines.

Almost a surprise a minute and at the beginning it seemingly lags for at least 30 minutes before moving at breakneck speed. Unnecessary yet helpful the scenes of 'back story' at the beginning. I get it's important to our understanding of the plot but do we really need so much of it? Other than this the movie shines as a reflection on... wait can't give it away.Personally it makes me want to learn more about it. Its not just a film about aliens and humans. So do not go expecting great battles between good and greater. Its a very believable film, very true to life.

Documentary aspect is great, editing is outstanding, cinematography was pretty good (Joburg, especially slums, usually portrayed dreary and bleak in films and though this is shown there's a clarity to the picture that emphasizes more so than the dreary). The aliens looked believable and there was seamless integration of real and unreal. Some may not like it, it really socks it to you and some may argue that its portrayal of blacks was negative but that’s not what I saw AT ALL. As @dwaynefighter said it’s a thinker’s movie, it’s a challenge and you may be up for it or you may not but do not go expecting to merely skim the surface and enjoy it, you will be disappointed.

This is been a very nice movie summer, a few more to go and of course there'll be reviews.

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