Sunday, October 04, 2009

When my friend got married a few years ago I attended her wedding and as I sat in the pews watching her recite her vows looking up on the man she loves, her other half (he's her match perfectly) I teared up, something I never do over sappy moments. This was so much more real than anything I'd ever seen on TV and it was a thousand times better. Everytime I convince myself that I've never seen/experienced the real thing I remember that moment and the look of sheer happiness on her face as she said 'I do'. The wedding/marriage path has never crossed my mind as something I would consider for myself but I love seeing other people get married.. I love weddings because in that moment when vows are said in most cases love is so present that everyone around feels it.

I had intended to start this post with my night out with Akimat but I was reading the coverage of Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall's wedding and it just magnified the feelings going through me after my night out. So Akimat's 5 feet 8 inches of uptown pretty, cute shoes and chic outfits. I am 5 feet 8 inches...that's about where our physical similarities end. We're friends because we're exceptionally similar in the way we think and our personalities work well together and when we go out I try never to compare myself to her because we are so different physically. I try to hold my own confidence I can't and don't want to be her so ill be the greatest person I can be.

Rambling aside we're out at club Bore* and we're sitting down looking around grooving a little and I look across the room and there's a group of guys standing facing us. At first. I don't really pay too much attention because as Akimat said quite fittingly it was a 'sausage fest', there were alot of guys so I couldn't really differentiate one guy from the next. I do eventually notice them though because one of them was just staring at us non stop. So I do the girl thing do a little shake and throw a surreptitious glance now and then to see if he's watching. I do that a few times and realize he's definitely staring. I realize that he's moved from the wall and walking towards us and immediately all sorts of butterflies let loose throughout my entire body not just my stomach. He's moving closer and closer and closer and...well you get the picture. I'm poised and ready to hear what he whispers and my body's tingling. He reaches us, leans over, and starts Akimat.

Yeah. I can't even describe what I felt. I was deflated. I beat myself up all the time about not using men to validate me because they definitely don' least not all the time. Last night though I felt like I really needed someone to say 'hey you look nice, you smell great...blah blah blah yakkity schmakkity'...the night went even further downhill from just got me thinking about loving someone, being with someone I love and having them love me back. I am so ready, so ready.

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Anonymous said...

NOOO!!!! DNT BE SAD .....


we seem like we always ready? atleast thats wat we say...but are we really?

hey member that india arie song..."are u ready for love" was the greatest

i read the wedding link and i cried...the vows caressed my heart and gently stroked my soul...i cant wait to have a moment like that. just imagine some1 actually sayin those things and actually meaning!

this love thing is the most hardest, saddest, challenging,greatest,confusing, happiest i will ever come cross in my life....

i think

when ur in love, or think ur in love...99% of the time....u wanna kill LOVE(or atleast the person u think ur in love wid)
the remaining 1% , seems like ur having a continuous orgasm in ur heart..Lol

if we bottled love, it would be like peace and war in the same bottle,a cure for all diseases and the greatest biological weapon at the same time.....