Sunday, January 03, 2010

Posts from the BB

I wrote this a few weeks ago but only now getting the opportunity to post it.

I wondered about the decision to write that about myself but I felt and feel that this is who I am. I was attracted to a girl. Very attracted and having made no bones about being open to having relationships with women so revealing on twitter that I found her attractive seemed like nothing to me. Only after posting it did I realize that persons may have objections or tend to look at me differently. I mean I haven’t changed but their perceptions of me will. Who am I now?As usual people don’t see me; they see fat, natural hair, crooked teeth. That’s not even an ounce of who I am. That merely measures a centimeter on my 5foot 8inch frame. A New Year begins soon and my hope for the New Year is for a world where people become more tolerant of others and themselves. Learn to accept the good with the bad and realize that being a ‘better you’ doesn’t make you better than anyone else.

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