Thursday, August 04, 2011

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Say what you will but relationships at 22 are not the same relationships at 30. Here's the thing when you're looking for commitment at that age you're looking for stability that I doubt you'll find. The older you are the better you are at being in a relationship.

Call me a cynical bitch if you must but the relationships I want now are based on me having lots of fun being with this person and having amazing sex. I'm not about to start fantasizing about children and marriage. Are you kidding? I want to be with someone because it's fun to have them around. Fun to be around them, we can fulfill those goals we have now which is to enjoy our 20s with as much gusto as possible.

Carpe diem isn't just about bungee jumping and skydiving. It's about living your best life at that time in your life. Seize that day don't waste it trying to make marriage happen at 22 or babies happen at 25. Fuck those responsibilities for now and stop, stop prophetizing seeing yourself married to some dude you met 8 months ago. It may happen, sure, life is unpredictable but when you're 29 the likelihood of this being the girl or dude you'll be with is slim. Slim to none.

Shit happens and falling so completely can only hurt you and make you more weary when you're older. But then again maybe I'm just a cynical bitch.

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