Friday, June 02, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeah...Back off Homie.

This has got to be a quickie. So I've been doin squat with my self. I hate my summer job and wish I was in a cubicle. Im going to a party tomorrow, tell you all about that later. I broke up with my boyfriend. Nothing new to spark any debates. I'll spread my foolishness later. Sorry about the shortness of this blog, I'll make it up next time. Feast your eyes on the hotnesses I have for you to day.

Meet Brad everybody...I have to admit I kinda like blonds

This is Raphael...Do I need to say more?
This is Jetzel...A little young for my tastes but look at those abs...
Here's Jetzel again...I kinda like the innocence of this picture.
Here we get a little erotic...but DAMN!

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