Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm going down, i'm going down.... My whole world's upside down.

I just knew my high would come down. Natural high guys...sometimes the world is so full of life and colurs and beauty to behold that you just automatically feel good. I was automatically feeling good for a while there but now...I'm going down...I feel hot and tired and destitute and hopeless. The world is dreary and dark and wet and the life in it before is no longer there. I dont feel good about much but this is just a phase. On to better and greater things I say. One thing I want to talk about is...(drum roll please) the lesbian experience via threesome or otherwise. I know weird topic right especially after my monologue above but hey my mind works in very mysterious ways. I know a few of you Jamaican girls have been "pleasantly offered" the opportunity to take part in a threesome (2 girls, 1 guy formation). I say plesantly offered because they didnt really ask you did they, there is a suggestive quality to their voices as if they are saying "You have to have a threesome with me and another girl because if you dont you dont love me/I'm going to leave you" I mean they dont say it but it's there as if the relationship will suffer if this is not done. Well what do you think....What i think is that people do whatever the hell they feel like, it's not my business and I'm going to make sure I stay out of other people's business. Now, a girl who performs the formation named above is not termed a lesbian because there is a young man, neither is the young man named a slut but turn the formation around (2 guys, 1 girl) the young man, especially if it's not a friend, is a Homo and the girl is a whore. Where's the justice in that? I can't say that I have knowledge of anything other than my own life but double standard? I think so...Now I havent heard many instances of girl on girl action but I have a feeling it's more prevalent than people may think. I dont mean same sex schools either, I mean girls (and maybe some young men too) are experimenting with their friends. Not just school friends but neighbours and sometimes even family (for example siblings (EEEWWW!!!) or cousins) I have found that children of similar ages when left alone are prone to do anything together because they're curious. I will tell you though that kissing a member of your own sex does not make you a homosexual, neither is finding yourself uniquely attracted to a specific member of the same sex. Wikipedia defines homosexuality as "...a lasting aesthetic attraction, romantic love, or sexual desire EXCLUSIVELY for others of the same sex or gender." I'm not gay and I dont know anyone who is gay...unless of course any of my friends have something to tell me? I just don't want another generation being confused and suffering through teen years that seem so long and hopeless. Dont fret about whether you are or you arent, love yourself whoever you are. Think about who you are not what you are.

And now it's time for MOVIES I ONLY JUST SAW Today's movie I just saw is ARMAGEDDON.

I say HELL YEAH! I liked it good acting, fairly off base plot but hey thats the movies for you and I cried at the end that constitutes a good watch for me. GRADE: 8 /10.

Hot guy of 1823...Jonathon!

As Ayokihso would say "Ole______ whey yu want?" And do remember it's not what you eat but who you eat.

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