Thursday, July 27, 2006

So this is what working in a cubicle feels like? Save yourselves...I'm a goner.

So I've been workin my ass off for the past week at my new J.O.B. Only to hear that we're working too well and I may lose my damn J.O.B. Damn what kinda shite is that? Well I've been working with a couple people, tryin to make the funds to purchase my new Computer (*sigh*). The $$$ aint working out though. Darn...I tell you... So I'm loving my life at least today, tomorrow who knows what I'll be thinking. I'm loving the people around me and loving the air I'm breathing and just loving myself at least at little bit. So whats been happening in the world? Sadly I have to report that Dr. The Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley died on Tuesday, wish I had seen her live, seen her in her prime, seen her being big, beautiful, dynamic and Jamaican. Wish i had seen her act because I love Jamaica and I love the people who leave here and still rep for their country, the home they were born the home they love. Me love me Jamaica. Fi me love hav lion heart, fi me love hav lion heart only fi you. Much love and respect to Ms. Lou. Ok totally off that track now that Angelad baby statue foolishness is the worst thing i have ever heard in my entire 20 years of life. Cebrelity, yes I do mean cebrelity, has sunk to an all time new low. Lance Bass? Gay? Hahahahahahahahaha... Of course it's not necessarily surprising...If there is a gay look all the members of N'Sync had it...Thats why I was a Backstreet Boys fan.

Hot Guy of 2006...has to be suspended until I can get on a computer that can handle the speed...Damn! He's hot though so keep watching.
Today's quote is from Euqinay "Yow gully swine a man eva tell u seh u funky!" Remember listening to dancehall music doesnt make you any worst a person than those who buy cheese.

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