Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wan han yan dan onan tan Isan han tan tan han efan u can kan upan?

So of course everyone must know by now that I'm a crazy emeff right? So what do you do when you're bored out of your mind....? You search for pictures of anything online, post them and leave a comment...yes ladies and gents i'm insane. What shall we start with first... I thnik I know all their names...However I was so enraptured by their beauty that I just can't remeber right now...I do know I got them all off of Queerty and their Morning Goods section, one of their best ideas yet.(Please no one ask me if it's a gay site...because it is. Guard your sensibilities...and your privates if you venture there...NO I'm not gay.)


He's just half naked and I love it. Sue me.
His look is so...fourty is the new twenty. Older guys have got such appeal.
Aren't his green eyes perfect... *sigh*I just love me some blond in a hay stack...don't you?Tamika will know that dark hair and eyes are one of my weaknesses and just looking at him is seriously making me weak.
Quotes are so cliche...I love this blog...I love me and I love everyone who reads this and gets a laugh. Smooches...Leave a comment please...I implore you...It's not the same as begging...but it's close.

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Deborah said...

DUDE! where're the black guys... no i'm not racist... cuz a mean... it's not often u c such good looking white guys right! lol