Friday, November 24, 2006

FoolHardy Tsag

So another week passes me by as I sit and wait for one of two things to happen. 1. I get cable and do not die of boredom or 2. I die from boredom while studying for my exam. The second option is the one I'm practising right now. I'm DYING! On tuesday I watched the American Music Awards. Well...It was fun...There were ALOT of performances...

On a more somber note...Sometimes you think of yourself in different ways than others think of you. What you wish for them is certainly not what they wish for you. I can't hate people so I'll just keep giving them the love I have for them even though they don't give it to me in return. I see myself as bigger than the petty, supeficial fooloishness that often times invades my life. I try to think that I flow right through it, but sometimes I know it hits me to the heart...I get knocked down. I get knocked down so hard I find it hard to get up agin. I guess it's jus foolhardy Tsag.
Be good to someone today.

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