Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Today seems like one of those days right? Just like I thought yesterday was going to be another day and then Heath Ledger dies... I know around there are millions of people dying in wars and of diseases that I see on TV and have occassion to see in real life when I step out of myself and really look at the people around me but if I started crying for them all I would never stop and so I cry and weep for Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro both dead before even knowing what the sun looks like on their 30th birthday. It's sad. Really sad...especially with Heath where he has a daughter, Matilda Rose.

Strange Day today...I was watching and listening to STRANGE FRUIT by Billie Holliday today... Got me thinking, dreaming, transporting. I was a black girl in 1940 looking up at a poplar tree seeing my father hanging dying, dead... I had written a poem about this about 2 years ago. Made me stop and think. I'm still thinking to this day and I can't find any solutions...

Love rain down on me... I've been living without love... It's amazing what the human mind can do, think, feel, be... I'm amazed everyday by the sheer beauty of people. Thats not the topic at hand though... The topic at hand is non existent love life... Seriously... I have a no love life...Is that my choice or is this how it really is? What do I lack? People would say that you need to like yourself before people can like you and it took me a couple years but I love me... I love me and I'm now wondering...OK I'm ready to be bombarded by the offers and the flirting because of my new self confidence...There isn't any though and I have to ask the question again of whether I'm choosing to be alone...Am I?

I'm going to promote a new artiste that I'm really feeling right now... Estelle a new artiste from the UK... "Wait a Minute..." is sick... I love new artistes who are creative and just seriously talented. Check out all her songs and make sure you get her album "SHINE" dropping in Feb. of 08

Speaking of February....ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I turn the big 2-2... A monumental occasion because a couple of years ago I was lamenting when I turned 20 thinking damn I'm old but I'm young and taking charge...I getting older and it's not so bad...

Ladies and (some) gents guess what is back after a very long hiatus....Queerty Knows Best... Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!

Meet Jason...Sweet Lord, Sweet Lord...

Jean Francois looks like he needs somebody to love and here I am...

Henry's pic was ver NSFW so I cropped it but he still looks !!HOT!!

Carlos makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akimat is possibly dying right now... Amit is...*sigh*

Remember ladies and (some) gents all men provided by Queerty and their beautiful Morning Goods section...those gay men really know how flaunt the flesh.

After all that hotness I'm winding down giving what I think is advice... Just love yourself this year and be good to people and when you go to work it's not to make friends its to make money so fuck the people who don't like you.

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