Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ways to Change the World

I read an article today about a transgender person who identifies himself as a man being pregnant. In my mind I have so many thoughts and fellings just running around I really cant tell you what exactly howI feel about uit. I wonder what he must feel like...It must be an awesome experience. He says in the article that it's hard for him to get doctors to help because they often refuse based on their religious beliefs and I'm thinking to myself these doctors are assholes. But then I think there are many things I wouldnt do based on my beliefs and if I truly as I often say want a society where persons are treated equally then I cannot judge these doctors by these beliefs (even if I think its ...:-@!) Its an amzing acheivement but in essence he is both a man and a woman so it is not that far fetched but it will be amazing to see how or if the baby is affected at all by this. Our species has been doing this for millions of years its just another stage of evolution isn't it? Who knows what the future holds for us...and when scientists undoubtedly get a man pregnant what will happen then...what will we be denying those children and in essence ourselves? Its a survival of the fittest ladies and gents and trust we wont be here forever.... You don't have to agree with me at all, thats the beauty of having your mind.
To read the aricle and see a pic of this pregnant transgender man HERE.

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