Sunday, April 18, 2010

I asked him once
what he saw as he
slid from on top of me
Was he seeing my worth?
Was he seeing my girth?
Or was he lost in amazing experience
we'd just shared.

Did he see my sweat
or just my sweet...ness
Is it anything like his dream
his dream girl?
Has he already forgotten what we are like
those promises of 'you the best' and 'love it'
have they faded?

What is he seeing just above me
or below me
at the 126 degree angles
As I raise my head and whisper
Does he hear the implied 'I love you'?
What about the morning?
What evils does it bring
along with the light
as the cover of night
that masks guarded eyes

I asked him once
what he saw as he
became apart of me
what visions came forth was we shudder
"Life... I see life"

It's not perfect and
It's not what I expect
but what makes it memorable
is that he says it with this look
the look that makes me know
what Ive shared is reciprocated
i can rest
assured that this
love is just a beginning
THE beginning.

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