Thursday, May 13, 2010

Posts from the BB

My musical education began a little later in life than most people. Mainly because radio and TV weren't uppermost in my life. I mean money was tight so for a while I did without and when it finally happened I found myself trying to catch up.

For a few years in High School I pretended to know what everyone was talking about, pretended I recognized both local and international musician and musicians. Eventually I caught up with some but my knowledge has large caverns of empty space when it comes to popular music.

I've reconciled with the fact that I do have a lot to learn when it comes to music but I couldn't care less really about what anyone else thinks. I do this for me because I don't want to have missed out on good music, so I've spent many a hour watching, listening and reading up on acts and bands from the past getting caught up on what I've missed. Its hard though, rifling through the crap that people record but sometimes I discover a rare gem.

I also love discovering amazing acts that a lot of people don't know about. Makes me feel like they're just performing for me. Acts like Janelle Monae (who has/is being catapulted into stardom and well deserved too) Paolo Nutini (who's really big in Europe)

Where's this post going? I don't know my initial intention was to write about all the old Kings of Leon songs I discovered that are amazing (I did not know the 'On Call' was theirs). I love music, love musicians they're creativity blows my mind. I can't wait to continue my discoveries. So I guess I'm just gonna end it there.

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