Sunday, December 26, 2010

Posts from the new BB

Christmas Day was spent at work having laughs with friends and co-workers, then at home reconnecting with family. I am amazed at how big my younger brothers are getting and my baby sister is super tall and super spoiled...just like me I guess.

My cousin brought her kids and they're getting big too. I'm not too big on family. The only family I've really only known is my Momma and that's mostly all I've needed. Christmas is the time we all connect though and that feels fitting, feels right.

My friends tell me I'm an adult now...Lord knows when that happened. Celebrating being an adult by doing what I want and being who I am. I love me and I discovered this year that I really like me too and that's all I ask for right now.

The year is ending and it has been a good year, a year filled with many trials, many failed expectations, may laughs and many blessings.

Be blessed, be happy.

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