Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess what’s back?!

It's been ages since I did a Queerty Knows Best or a Weh Yuh Mean? segment on this blog. I know, I know what a travesty. I mean who hasn't been feeling a lack of gossip and hot men in their lives? The void is huge and is about to be filled. YES LORD!! Let's do a little gossip first then masturb…uhhhh peruse the deliciousness later.

·         If you know me you'll know what I'm starting with right? Who else but Vybz Kartel and his new reality dating show "Teacha's Pet". Weh Yuh Mean? The Teacher himself has a new reality show coming to local televisions near you and me where he has 20 local and international girls living in one house vying for his affection. Weh Yuh Mean?  I've had many hilarious discussions with friends and acquaintances about how much I am really anticipating this train wreck of a show*. This show can be no good but as is the theme of reality shows both here and abroad the worst it is the best entertainment it is.
·         Beenie and D'Angel. *sigh* *deep sigh* Now these two have been in and out of the press before during and it seems after their failed attempt at matrimony. Weh Yuh Mean? Beenie Man is the people's champion, Jamaicans love them some Beenie Man. To me Beenie has always been the most drama filled artiste, most of which he generates himself. I think he believes that this is how he stays relevant. I have no respect for LA Lewis but Beenie and LA are on the same boat with regards to generating foolish drama. I would find this situation hilarious if I did not find it so fucking tragic. D'Angel showing up to Bounty Killer's, her ex-boyfriend who would disrespect and beat the crap out of her, birthday mixer rather her husband's is very telling of what she holds as most important. Weh Yuh Mean?  Drama, Drama, Drama by a bunch of queens. Kinda over it.
·         This year's season of Digicel's Rising Stars has been tres disappointing. Weh Yuh Mean? The crop of contestants this year, save a few, has been pretty bad. Only in the last few weeks have the few talented performers been stepping up and giving more than sub-par performances. My pick for winner this year is Latty J. I like her stage presence, her style and her sound. She doesn't overdo it but she gives 100% to her performance and makes each song her own.
·         There has been a new crop of very well produced local TV shows lately. Weh Yuh Mean? Very surprised at how well edited, well-rehearsed and well produced they are and gives me hope for shows in the future. Namely Guinness Sounds of Greatness and In the Dance, I find that I don't roll my eyes as much when I watch them and actually enjoy the programming.
·         My tune of the moment is  "Street Hustle" by Specialist (Magnum Kings and Queens runner up) I can't get the repetitive chorus out of my head and who nuh love banana chips?

*I'm always the first person to say how much I love to see Jamaicans on TV,  on one hand yes I love to see my countrymen getting the spotlight but on the other hand it's usually a barrel of laughs seeing Jamaicans on TV making up words and speaking in accents for countries that have yet to be discovered.

Check next post for some Queerty Knows Best. *bites lip*

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