Friday, October 19, 2012

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I remember the day my friend told me she was back with her on-again off-again ex. It wasn't memorable because they were on-again, over 10 years of their back and forth I was more than used to it. I was surprised when she started mentioning marriage and children. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Sure we're both 26 and at our peak of fertility but never once had it ever crossed my mind to have kids in my 20s. I made the assumption that it was the same for both of us. Over the last year and a half I realize I've been wrong about a lot of things and a lot of people. I could not wrap my mind around her talking about marrying this man.

In my mind I kept saying 'Seriously?! Are you being serious right now?' and I let slip that I thought she was losing her edge, talking about marriage to this man whom she'd had a roller coaster relationship for years. Maybe he had changed, maybe them both being older and more settled made them want to be more settled. I hate admitting it but I felt kinda betrayed. As if we'd made some blood pact at 10 that she was breaking. I felt like she was settling. Like sure you love this man now but are those feelings real? Or are they the residuals of so many years of connectedness?

I feel terrible writing that because I was being so judgmental and truthfully as we've grown steadily apart over the last few years I can't say wholeheartedly that I know what she wants anymore or how she feels. We're different people and I just had to accept that who she is now is considering those things as viable options. That she wasn't me who cries about being lonelyish one moment and then cringes at the thought of having a significant other the next. My other homie, KARP, has a new man in her life as well and the relationship is fresh and they're sharing endearments over social networks like twitter and facebook and I get the same feelings all over again. Maybe it's jealousy (it's not), maybe I'm just a mean old bitch who is both afraid of never feeling that and afraid of being overwhelmed by it. I don't do relationships well. I'm acerbic and cynical, terribly sarcastic and an acquired taste.

I fear I'm going to lose myself completely in a relationship so I never give more than needed of myself. I fear that I'll never feel that with anyone so I never give more than needed of myself. Catch-22 if there ever was one. I just cant imagine my friends being married with kids. It scares me. I'm scared about us not growing older but growing farther away from each other. I'm scared that I'll be standing by watching them build families and I'll just be standing there stagnant. That's scares the shit out of me.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahahaahahaha..................twitter way ozaayyy.catch22 indeed,i know the feeling,but sometimes u gotta jus pick a team and commit...single or in a relationship if we really analyse it....its basically the same,same fears of the unknown,same fears of settle for something that feels safe because you fig it's easier and safer..blah blah blah,i could go on and on..i guess this is one reason for bff,blood borthers,bros before hoes or whatever we say.we jus wanna know that at the end of the day,week,year or watever,that there's someone(s) out there rooting for u,for whoever u decide to be that it cynical,sarcastic,happy,wierd,way outside of the box...jus watever...its a nice feeling to know that you've got cheerleaders and a support system...karp out!