Saturday, September 15, 2012

Complex - Chapter 2

"I'm so sorry... ugh..." The deluge of vomit just would not stop coming and he was doubled over just letting it flow. Even as Jason tried to apologize throughout, it continued to flow from his mouth. He noticed that the girl's feet had moved about 5 feet away from him. He hoped it hadn't gotten on her.

"Is he dying? Shouldn't we do supm?" He heard her ask, seemingly concerned.

"How me fi know? My shoes get fuck up, they are dying." He heard the reply from the man he'd seen her with. The man he was supposed to be interviewing, San-Gee.

After an eternity of minutes the fountain of 'Eww' seemed to stop flowing. He took his handkerchief from his pocket and attempted to wipe his mouth.

"I'm so sorry. I guess the drinks didn't agree with me." He said unfolding his body from it's bent position. Looking at the disgusted and puzzled expressions on the faces of the two people around him.

The two made eye contact for a brief second before she turned away grinning.

"Great first impression." She said through a smile. "I'm Kerri Peart, San-Gee's manager." He notices that she doesn't extend her hand.

He wipes his mouth as best as he can hoping that when he opens it again nothing but words spill out.

"Nice to meet you." He replies.

"So we're just going to forget about my shoes?" San-Gee says, clearly annoyed and disgusted.

Jason glances down on San-Gee's now ruined shoes and groaned. "I'm really sorry about that, how can I make it up to you?"

"You have a new pair of shoes and a bathroom inna yuh back pocket?" He asks angrily.

Jason's short temper begins to flare. " I understand it's my fault but it was an accident, I've already apologized. What more you want?" He asks.

"My yute yuh need fi chill. You fuck up and I can't get upset?" San-Gee hissed his teeth angrily.

"Now boys no need to get upset. Jason right?" Kerri said moving closer to him. She glances down at his feet. "What size do you wear?" She asks cheekily.

"What?!" Both men exclaim simultaneously.

She laughs out loud, puzzling the two men, finally she says "He's performing and needs something to wear on stage. Seeing as it is your fault..." She shrugs as if the solution is obvious.

Jason weighs his options. After a few seconds he nods and says "I wear a size 12."


Barefoot and feeling sick, Jason watched San-Gee perform from back stage. At least that was what he was trying to do. He could not concentrate at all. He made the decision about two songs into the performance to call it a day and go home. Back stage was now very crowded with people he recognized from the tent earlier in the night. All with excited expressions watching San-Gee perform.

"You don't look too good." He heard someone say from his left. He turned to see a very attractive man about 6ft tall leaning against a rail checking him out.

"I don't feel very good either." He replied making his way through a cluster of people, moving closer to the stranger.

"You need any help?" the stranger asks. Pushing himself off the railing and moving towards him.

Jason finally made it through the crowd and was standing parallel to the man. "No I think I can manage." He says and smiles. "Thanks though Mr....." He says leading the man to respond.

"Kingston. Just Kingston." He replies extending his hand for a shake.

Jason takes the hand and replies "Jason. Just Jason. For now." He says, smiling. He sees someone approaching them and realizes it's San-Gee's manager Kerri.

"Hey Kingston, long time no see." She says offering a hug to the stranger.

"Hey baby girl, you not coming to the gym again? I could schedule some time for a little training session." He replies after the hug. He gives her a flirtatious up-down with his eyes. "Not that you need it."

She laughs. Jason notes that she does that a lot. "I've been busy but I'll definitely schedule a session for next week. I don't want anything that's not supposed to jiggle. To start jiggling." She turns from the stranger to him with a more serious expression. "Jason right? Sorry but the interview has to be re-scheduled."

"That's cool, I'm really sorry about earlier I don't know what came over me." He replies embarrassed.

She smiles and shrugs "Shit happens. Great story though. I hope it's included in your piece."

He pretends to contemplate it for a few seconds then replies "I don't think so." He fumbles for his Blackberry out of his pocket. "I already have your number so why don't I give you mine and we can set it up as soon as possible." He looks at Kingston who had been watching the conversation. "You can take my number too." He grins.

He notices Kerri's raised eyebrow and adds on quickly, "For the training session."

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