Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I can't believe I have one of these...Why would anyone give ME one?

I knew eventually I would get myself one of these... Now I can rule the world. I have so much to say and hopefully so MANY people to say it to. I love cruising the web and I love reading blogs and now I have my own. Since this is my first blog and all and I want to make it interesting for you here are some pics of some random nude and semi nude men. (Don't you just love it!)

This is Stephane (Say Hi!)

This is Bruno...not to be mistaken with Bruno
If I had this to wake up to I wouldnt sleep so late...

Meet Chris (*sigh*)
Hello sailor... I'm in th Navy now...right this minute...

This is Boris... Sadly, Boris is married to her.
Now what kind of black woman would I be if I didn't worship the form of my black men...
Remember Jason Behr from Roswell?
When did he get so frigging HOT!

The woes are many the solutions are few. Have fun with my blog. I gotta go eat something... As Eanehj would say
"The more you know the more you can gossip about...behind her back.

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