Wednesday, April 26, 2006

25(?)Things to know about me.

This is what i'd like everyone to know about me somethings in here I didnt even know myself.
  1. I hate cooked cabbage.
  2. I love my Grandmere.
  3. I'm in love with the notion of making love while I'm in love and being loved.
  4. I'm an Aquarian which means I'm creative, love long relationships and absolutely fantastic in bed.
  5. I love dancing but can only catch a few of the dances which emerge every minute on the Jamaican dancehall scene.
  6. I really do want world peace.
  7. I'm a sucker for a sob story.
  8. I love strawberry daiquiries (I know so teeny bopper *sigh*)
  9. I've read over 500 romance novels and have owned as much.
  10. I'ver read over 900 books in my lifetime. (Is that good or bad?)
  11. I take people seriously.
  12. I need braces.
  13. I'm fat and unhappy about it. (That's 2...isn't it?)
  14. I'm addicted to Hollywood.
  15. I have a friend named Ayokihso.
  16. I remained a virgin all through my teen years. (Was hard but I succeeded.)
  17. I want to have triplets.
  18. I want a committment ceromony instead of a wedding and charm bracelts instead of rings.
  19. I want to plan several glittering weddings.
  20. I'm a procrastinatoraholic. (Maybe later I'll tell you about it...maybe.)
  21. My favorite number is 7.
  22. I've made several wishes from those chain email things. (None have ever come true. *sigh*)
  23. I employ one defense mechanism in my everyday life. (Try to figure out which one.)
  24. I hate when people spend money on crap. For example this.
  25. I have a slight fetish for red heads and freckles.
26. I only wish I was this hot.

27. I love getting compliments.

As Akimat would say "Don't let me go Tom Cruise on your ass." Make hay while you can still grow grass.

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