Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's in a blog? A blog by any other name would smell just as sweet...

America's Next Top Model: Is it right that I'm completely addicted to ANTM? All that model fakeness(it could be a word) and Tyra and her gorgeous pictures(I vote Tyra as America's Next Top Model every season). Why did they replace Janice though, I mean I know she's crazy and all but that's what makes good TV...Oh well. Sometimes I wish I were 60 lbs and 10 feet tall cause then I'd definately enter. I love that show Tyra's just raking it in. I think Eva was the best winner ever then comes Adrienne (you know Peter Brady's petite amie), then Yoanna. Naima was blah blah blah and Nicole was Uhhh (Naima being the better of the two). ANTM is so not Kosher.

PS: Why is this Season so boring? (Love you Jade!)

Ballet slipper shoes: For my size 10&1/2 feet I say NoWayInHell! I can't even rememeber being a size 6...ever! My friend Irret's foot size would grow and replicate her age (Thank God it stopped at 13). Ok now I'm digressing. Ballet slipper shoes are so not Kosher put my big ass feet in a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes any damn day.

Coupling: Eewww!! Get your mind out of the gutter please...What I mean are relationships. Couples, couples, couples everywhwere I look that's all I see. So not Kosher.

Hot guy of the 12th century...Bruno! Yeah!

Having a not so fabulous day. As Axela would say "Yu neva know shotta life was so hard, shotta can't sleep inna him yard, yu neva know shotta nuh lov cinema..." Bold face lies never work always use a timid face approach.

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