Friday, May 12, 2006

I want nothing except $$$$$$$$$$$...and maybe Ice cream

Please someone give me a break with all these celbrities and their toro excreto. I'm tired, tired, TIRED of only seeing news about them and their selfish, self indulgent pukee lives....Ok so now that that fit of pique is over how is it possible for Britney Spears to be pregnant again? What in heavens name possessed her to dip into that white chocolate again? Save us all...also....ok so there's no also but DANG! Britney I mean not like I liked you before or anything but now I just feel sorry for you. Oh well! And now for movies that are sure to win that Oscar next year...GOAL! and Stick It. Feel good song of Thursday night Lauryn Hill's "ZION." Peace and retreat. No quote today because the quote machine broke down but look for quotes next blog.

Hot guy of 1115 A.D....GORAN!!!!

I can't help myself sometimes...

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