Friday, May 05, 2006

End of an era spent down someone's creek and other Ha-has

I had a total Dawson flash back the other day. Was remembering the episode where Jen tells Dawson that Pacey and Joey have a thing going on... Ok Ok I know I won't even bother what I will do is post a couple before and after pics of them and tell you how messed up I was about that show. For example I had an exam the day after the series finale and of course you know what I did I watched all two hours of it and then I cried like a baby because 1) Yeah it was sad to see Jen die, 2) Jack and Pacey's brother were so cute together especially with that kid, 3) Pacey and Joey were together(Thank God!) and 4)The show had ended and my obssession was coming to a close...I'm girl enough to admit it.
The cast of the Creek...
When did James van der Beek get so HOT!?
Oh Katie, Katie, Katie...
I still think he's still kinda cute...I kinda like her...Am I weird?This was the best pic I could find...Thats a little sad I know.
The Creek will live forever in my herat...and hopefully my DVD collection.
P.S. I do love My Jamaican Drama. If you missed the morning Interview of Beenieman and D'Angel on TVJ's Smile Jamaica, you missed it all. My poor blocked aorta heart. Three months preggers, tone deaf but still pretty D'Angel was over shadowed by her strong and "Mega star not Single star" fiance/manager. While they talked about her career and their wedding and while Beenieman looked at a corsage for the wedding I laughed and nearly died of a heart attack. My mother proceeded to call me from work to tell me to watch it. I don't know but Beenieman and D'Angel are really the TomKat of Jamaica.

I love you B'Angel...HEHEHEHE!!!

As Elleinad would say "In but, not of..." And remember the can won't open if it's on your face.

Hot guy for the year 107 A.D.... Bobby!!! Whooooooooo!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This was really funny...I'm a big Dawson's Creek fan too.