Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that I haven't been too up to date with all the news thats been happeneing and I definately haven't been up to date on my posts but I'll get there. I have to say that I enjoyeds my vacation. It was great the parties were great but that's for another post. Today will be a lovely feature of good looking men. I know from time to time I post just hoards of pictures of men and this is no different. I hope evryone enjoys and of course leave a comment. As usual the pictures were provided by Queerty and thier morning goods.

Marcus just jumped out at me...I wish he'd just jump ON me though...

Gerard just seems like he'll tear your clothes off...with his teeth.

Matt is a certified Hottie... I'm sure his degree is posted right on his wall
This is Aaron... He's a concession for my homey Akimat who just adores those asian men.

This is Simon...lovely Simon... *sigh* He looks like he's looking right at you doesn't he?

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