Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whoopsie Daisy!

I'm supposed to be doing alot of things today but none have really been important enough for me to get out of my seat in front of this computer. What's the gym when you have the never ending quiz at FLIXSTER to satisfy you. I know we are supposed to be proactive and go getters all that 'make hay...' mentality but I really am not in the right frame of mind to do that. Can I say to Elliven my deepest apologies for the way I've acted and treated you maybe six months down the line I'll call you back or maybe i'll answer your call next time. I think my life is just one big "Catch Me If You Can". I've yet to be caught...in anything (you figure it out). Today is a beautiful day to play...

  • Now the 'war' between Bounty killer and Beenieman has spilled over onto other members of the "Alliance". Member new singer Mavado and former member Vybz Kartel have engeaged in a very dangerous feud. This feud has already resulted in shots being fired on both parties. Of course all wars have certain basic elements and the most important (I think) is the diss song. Now Mavado's song called 'New Name Fi Informer" refers to Vybz kartel as an informer (snitch...HAHAHAHAHAHA!), also as someone who bleaches, is a woman (Patricia Palmer...HAHAHAHAHAHA), a receiver of fellatio (from a fellatio master girlfriend) and homosexual (as he associates with other homosexuals...'show me your friends...etc'... Fishini...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Vybz Kartel's song, called 'Mafraudo', is merely an answer to mavado's song. Personally who do I think wins.... D'Angel. Again I will ask are these big men tewlve years old? Why is the enetertainment playground not big enough anymore? What is really going on...Whe yu mean?

  • Wait...Camera phones are of the devil. Elephant man found this out the hard, hard way. Rumor has it that a picture of the pachyderm homosapien in an extremely compromisisng position with a young woman has surfaced onto individuals cell phones. Persons have claimed that the picture, though not fully confirmed as the pachyderm includes a mouth, a bottom, a hand and some private parts all in the mix....Thank you I know the picture in the head isnt the most pleasant. Again I shall ask whe yu mean?

  • Place to be this and every Thursday, Bembe Thursdays at Weekenz. Don't take my word for it.

  • Song of the moment "Chat to Mi Back" by Lady (Mumma) Saw.

I guess I can finish this post off with a little sup'm sup'm for those panting. Here is my latest in the HOT GUY THROUGH THE CENTURIES.

Meet Ryan everybody! Hot guy for the year 2000. !!!!sizzle!!!!

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