Thursday, February 22, 2007

I LENT Myself To This Excercise...

So the season of sacrifice is upon us and I have decided that since I have never felt the real need to sacrifice anything in the past during this season specifically I will do so this year and maybe the years following. This year I have decided to give up:-
  • The gossip blogs. I mean all of them. Yesterday was the first day of Lent and I made the decision that I was completely addicted to these blogs I scour them everyday at every hour hoping that there'll be new information about people whom I've never met and will prolly n'er meet. So I'm giving them all up all blogs except my own. Even yardflex which I have categorized as gossip blog. No more. It's been so hard already but I'm sure I can do it.
  • I've also decided to give up frivolous snacks such as Banana Chips, Raisin Bread and the like. These things just add to my weight and my lack of self esteem. I don't like being overweight (fat is fine with me as long as I'm healthy) but overweight is a problem.
  • This one's a little more private but I also give it up. Completely. Not because I'm obssessed with it but I think of it as a purification thing if I'm detoxifying my body I might as well give it up too, as Im trying to be so wholistic.
Well that makes up my list but what about you? I think this is a great idea and that everyone should participate but if you don't want to that's cool too. As Akimat would say "No Pressure" although I will say it is a great measure of your self control. Try it you may be surprised. Some of the things we say we can't live without are actually things that are pretty insignificant and easy to forget about. Since I satrted on a semi-serious note I think I'll end on a fun and heated note so here is the newest edition of what I have now titled QUEERTY KNOWS BEST

Up first we have Taylor...Now that hair over the face thing is making me HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we have Luciano... Whay wasn't I born a snake and why is this man so... so yeah you know what I mean.

Yeah I'm exhausted already. Next up is Buster...I'm not kidding his name is Buster. Very fitting too since he is busting out of those tight...what are those? *sigh*

Next is Gabriel...I don't know what it is but he's got a little native amerian thing going on and I'm feeling it.

The next two guys were so NSFW (not so fit for work) that I had to crop the pictures...but since I don't want you to suffer I'll give you the sites to see even more of Francesco and Raul

These men have brought my IQ down to about 10. How about you? All men were of course provided by Queerty and their Morning Goods section (please remember that queerty is in fact a gay blog so you can't say I didn't warn you) Later!

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Those men are HOT!!!!!!!!