Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Twix As Nice..

Well...I had a birthday the other day and though I didn't get any presents what i did get was alot of love and affection from the people that i love and the people who really matter and love me. I felt so loved and beautiful wish I had a camera to take all the smiles I was giving....Great day right? You just open yourself up to accept the love and the appreciation and when you get it you think you're going to overflow because you really didn't know that you impacted lives so positively. Well thats all ive got about my b'day. I was one of the few to watch the Grammy's last Sunday night....Hmmmm....Large pic post coming up as I give a full rundown for those who didn't watch. Yes I know everybody's done it but so? My shizz is better anyway and you get nice pictures... Nothing too cute and my wry brand of honesty....Here we go. So the first persons to perform were the big and bad POLICE

one of the greatest songs of all time "Roxanne" Sting looked younger than I've ever been. He looked so hot and they were as good as they've ever been. The next performers were the DIXIE CHICKS

performing "Not Ready to Make Nice" I just love them to death and Natalie sang with such conviction that just, i felt every word she was saying, the instruments were beutifully played. Next up was Ms. BEYONCE

performing "Listen" The tone of the song was gorgeous although she was a little bit off but whatever she looked great though even though I wasn't the biggest fan of her hair. Next up was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

performing a new fave of mine "What Goes Around" I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!! The arrangement of the song was outstanding actually excellent. The video thing was kinda weird but I love the song and his perfromance was impassioned and great. So next was a medley thing and first was CORRINE BAILEY RAE

with "Like A Star" I'm a new fan of this new artiste and I'l thank Eanehj for that I love this song, very emotional and soft and flute like and sweet. Next was JOHN LEGEND

with "Coming Home" I thought he had a pretty slow start took me a little bit, at least to the second verse before I got into it, however he had a smooth tone all through the performance and he finshed the song very nicely pulling me into the performance. Is it me or did he look a little chub? Hmmm... The next performer was JOHN MAYER

with "Gravity" He plays the blues like a fat black man from New Orleans in the 1960's. It's so smooth and rough and emotional you feel your soul vibrating. His guitar skills are off the chain and his lyrics transport you man. The next performance was a duet by SHAKIRA and WYCLEF JEAN

doing "Hips Don't Lie" Shakira's hips weren't lying too they were telling me "you'll never do this with your hips" It was a real performance and I love that about it. Next up was one of may fave performances for the night GNARLS BARKLEY

with "Crazy" He sounded just like he does on the record proving that hey that's the real thing right there. The addition of a real orchestra and a choir was amazing, his conviction singing the song made you feel it too, there was an underlying drumbeat that made me want to get up and salute and airline theme was INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! Next up was MARY J. BLIGE

with "Be Without You" the arrangement by the orchestra was beautiful, her voice was good and in true MJB style she had a nice dramatic finish. Next up was a little country segment (Grammy trying to play like they aren't just a mainstream music show) with CARRIE UNDERWOOD

singing "San Antonio Rose" as a tribute. She sounded great very true to the genre, she also sang "Desparado" which was less impressive but still good. The RASCAL FLATTS

performed next singing "Hotel California" and "Life in the Fast Lane" with Carrie Underwood. Both songs were heavily influenced by rock but with some country thrown in it was nice, the band was really good. A nice little medley came next with SMOKEY ROBINSON

performing "Tracks Of My Tears" Smokey's still got a little supm supm there... Next up was LIONEL RICHIE

doing "Hello" which is a classic romance tune. Next was CHRIS BROWN

'singing' "Run It" First and foremost I love steppers so that was a good start but then the rest of it was weird, not a performance just a show and he didnt even sing...Boo... Next up was CHRISTINA AGUILERA
performing a tribute to the late James Brown singing "It's A Man's World" Her vocal power is amazing, I was blown away. They had the memorial thing and the hottest thing was newcomer Chris Brown doing an imitation of the God father James Brown . He should have done that in his performance it was fun. Next up was LUDACRIS, MARY J. BLIGE and EARTH WIND AND FIRE

performing together their song "Runaway Love" This song has so much message and purpose that I just felt everyword that was rapped and sung. The song is timeless and the performance was very passionate and full of conviction another one of my favorite of the night. Next up to perform were JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and the ROBIN TROUP joined by T.I.

doing "Ain't No Sunshine" and "My Love". Robin is a new artist who was voted to perform out of a possible three girls. She wasn't bad...Personally I wnated Afrika Miranda to win but then again I didn't vote so hey...The songs were good I enjoyed the performances and didnt really feel the lack... As a side note the Dixie Chicks ROCK!!!!!I love them I still can't believe they won in every category they were nominated, they ROCK... The final performers for the night were the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS

performing "Dani California" They were perfect, the song is extremely catchy and chili peppers cool and so classic. They too ROCK!!!! The final presenters for the night were AL GORE(????????????????????) and SCARLET JOHANSSON (who was said to be recording an album...Yeah thats exactly what I said too)

Any one notice the theme I have going here? Yeah well I'll have some more foolishness and craziness later.


Anonymous said...

Oh I get it, is it microphones? Kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog

esp the Grammy commentary
u know what i think...U shud do a magazine and call it Tsag

Put random shiznit in it and stuff and jus be u!
nothing 2 ordered or linked but all about Tsag and whats on her mind and her opinion.
THink Bout it seriously...we may become bizniz partners ;)