Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas = Happiness!

I love Chritmas time...The air is somehow different and the days just seem more joyous...I don't know this is really one of the only times I can really say I'm happy...Happy to be alive, happy to be loved and happy to be loving. Good times, good times. Last year (can't believe I've been at this blogging thing so long) I posted things that i wanted for my presents in my Happy Birthday Jesus post but for this season i feel the spirit of partying and partying hard...I know it may not be very fitting for the season in some person's eyes but hey I'm young... (thats my excuse for everything).

Seriously though I don't just love it for the seasonal parties that litter the scial scene but because of the warm and fuzzy feeling. The coming together of family....I love my Mom and Christmas day is the day we come together and cook up a storm and a half feeding basically half of my neighbourhood. It makes me feel good to do that. It's an awesome experience... and thats why I love Christmas.

My workplace had their office party on Saturday... It was to be a blowout affair...Well it was over the top and the venue was nicely decorated under the Hawaiian theme...Though I do understand the route the party was going the atmosphere was working against it. The muddy grounds (ruined stillettos), the food was ok (not great, but free so thats at least a 5/10) I found that I had to be struggling to make my own fun. Akimat and I went and she's not the best person to impress so you can imagine what she was least we were both bordering on the edge of drunk and fall over drunk so everything was bathed in a very colorful glow and we were laughing like fools. GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES!!!

Best Dressed of Male of the night for me was Nerrej, the shirt was a nice colour (orange, maybe peach/appricot and white) and a nice cut that fit very nicely with some design that I in my druken state could not recognize but seemed to fit the Hawaian theme, Best dressed Female of the night was a girl I saw accross the way she wore a blue and green sarong type dress in halter style, the colours were complimentary, the cut and style were very good for her ample size and her make up and hair were nicely done...she fit the theme perfectly for me and thus she wins my Best Dressed nod.

What I will boo (I have a post in mind with this title but I'll give a little preview) : -Asymmetrical hairstyles - it doesnot look good on everybody and if you notice everybody is wearing the same hairstyle as you...BOO! Also I'm going to boo glitter belts with your name on it and silk print dresses aren't my favorite thing in the world either. Everyboy and their mother's grand aunt has one...BOO!

I was trying to think of a way to end the post today... and I realized I haven't done Weh Yu Mean! in ages.

  • Amelia "stop calling yourself MILK" Sewel...Yu alright?? Because I can't understand what di girl do yu so mek u sit her down and tell her when and where and how many times you and the Drippy one were having sex. WEH YU MEAN?! I am confused Amelia...Yu nuh have a kid...?You don't look that bad one sixth of the time you can find another man...Tek care of your kid Amelia and leave Smiley alone.

  • Grammy Nominees for 2007 in the category of Best Reggae Album: Burning Spear, Stephen Marley, Sly and Robbie, Lee "Scratch" Perry as well as Toots & The Maytals. What about the dancehall artist dem whom have had good albums this year...Assassin for one I think had a good album but the main point is that every year when it comes to this category what you have is a bunch of old men and maybe one dncehall act thrown in...No disrespect but WHE YU MEAN?! Where's the Dancehall and let's not start the debate about which is better because seriously thats dated as the four fifths of the nominees above...
  • Why exactly are jamaican artistes spending their hard earned (HAHAHAHA!) money on DNA tests? WEH YU MEAN?! Adijah you know you were the father...This novelty better wear off soon because I'm tired of hearing about it...Might as well go on Maury and get it done for free...

  • Beenie...Moses...Mr. Davis...Every year when it comes to Christmas time you say NO STING for me...WEH YU MEAN?! Every year we see you on the bill and we see you perform on the show and now we have to wonder anything you say the truth? I don't think so...I love you Moses but you need to stop with the lies and deceit...

  • Munga...Deva WEH YU MEAN?! What exactly are you portraying to the youths that follow you religiously?? Lyrical war is what keeps the music fresh, keeps us interested because we want to know what can possibly come next...but physically hurting each other really just perpetuates a feeling of unrest and disqueit among the youths who look up to cant endorse that...

  • JILL is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEH YU MEAN?!! January 25th will see me at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival to see the soul deep, mesmerizing Jill Scott perform... I'm literally screaming as I write this...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's close to my b-day too so if I don't get myself anything else for the rest of the year I'd be happy because I saw Jill Scott LIVE!!!!!!!!

My fantastic and fabolous friend Icart is getting married on the weekend...I'm so happy for her... Married can you believe it?? It seems like yesterday we were still in high school...Well she had a surprise bridal shower on the weekend that STFO!!!! Awesome!!! Getting drunk and revealing secrets is a good way to spend your Saturday evenings...

I felt the need to leave you with a little I've decided to change !!HOT GUY THROUGH THE CENTURY!! to !!HOT GUY OF THIS DAY!!...If you're smart you'll do a little research and get it...If not just enjoy the hotness... Today's hotness is due to the fact taht i am going through my asian phase...!!HOT GUY OF THIS DAY!! March 22, 1971...Will Yun Lee...YES! YES!


Today's Title pic is cute...AWWWWW....

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