Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day...

Today is a day I wish we didn't have to celebrate, but I have to stand strong with all the people living with AIDS, surviving, just living life as it should be lived. I wish this day would just go back to being December 1st, 24 days til Christmas countdown but it never will. It saddens me, makes me want to cry when I think about the millions who have died and are dying from this disease.

It saddens me even more when I think that next to Africa the Caribbean is second in the world for new cases I'm think...WTF?? Ladies and Gentlemen what is going through your minds? HIV/AIDS is a preventable disease...PREVENTABLE! What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously what could possess you to not use a condom with your partner...WHAT? Please let me know and dont give me any shit about decreasing pleasure and whatnot...Fucking is me personally using a condom makes me feel more secure and increases any pleasure I may be feeling... Intelligence people is not only for some, everyone can eat from that tree..Don't be left in the desert...

I want to be aware and I have no problem asking my partner to go do and HIV test with me. Contrary to popular beliefs you are not distrustful of your partner in fact doing an HIV test to me builds a stronger bond a newer dimension to you and your love...I had loved those "KNOWING IS BEAUTIFUL" ads they were so true. Its a beautiful thing. ANd if it can save my life and the lives of the people I love. There is nothing wrong with that.

Today's Title pic is a poingnant double feature -
The second is my fave because if you look closely there's a Caribbean flag in the center of it. AIDS is not a death sentence but PREVENTIOn is alaways, ALWAYS better than cure.

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