Thursday, January 08, 2009

Posts from the BB

I realized just now how much I really like white men. I mean like them, like them. I like them grungy, muscle-filled, rocker, comedian. I mean I've always known that I have a fondness for the pale skins of our population. I am an equal opportunist though, there's no race on earth that I wouldn't jump on. Watching the gorgeous man of Greek descent on NTV's 'The Hour' and thinking how much I would love to scream his name (George Stroumboulopoulos!) has solidified for me how deep my feelings have become. Its not all white men that I like but I've spotted some that I would happily make my own.

There will be someone who will of course say that I'm disillusioned and of course they will bring up memories of an atrocities done to my people and I just want them to stop turn around and go away. I will never forget where I came from but I would never let that stop me from embracing the future. I love the black in me, every brown tone that my skin possesses and I love black men but I do not have to rationalize my love of men from other races to anyone. You be you as i will undoubtedly be me.

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