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I read alot of blogs and have my fave bloggers and bloggers I can't stand and so on and so forth. The new year of course has them listing what songs, albums, TV shows etc were "great" in 2008 but all that shit is just subjective. I mean I'm certain there's a blogger out there writing that "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" was the best movie of the year...with a straight face. If you are astute you'll realize that what I just said was exactly the subjectivity I am speaking about. I never even saw "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" nor will I see the "Tale of Desperaux" Akimat... But I can tell you Movie of the year it is not.

I used to think people were crazy for listing some of the shit (literally) they would when making these crazy lists. Just thinking about someone listing Britney Spears' "Circus" as the best album of the year would burn me up (I mean I like "Womanizer" but gag me with a fucking spoon). Crap is crap is crap.

I have no lists. I liked 2008 it was an OK year. I got a new phone, and cable, a new life really when we moved. It was as it always is another year. Soon forgotten except of course on Vh1's 1 Love the... series. I'm looking forward to 2009 and I'm looking forward to really getting through my Changeling list. I hate making new years resolutions because by February I've either forgotten or don't care anymore. I'm trying to make life resolutions. Things that endure through the years that can make me better. I hope I can get a few people to go along with me.

Now onto Movies I Saw Last Week...

The Princess and the Warrior - International film starring Franka Potente...One of my fave international actresses (you must see Run Lola Run, The Bourne Identity). This movie was...I really have no words. I liked it but the plot sometimes escaped me and I was lost sometimes. Benno F├╝rmann, the male lead was gorgeous and brooding which is always good. I wanted them to succeed I really wanted them to be happy. I guess the twists and turns are merely apart of what make it good. 8/10

Shoot 'em up - I was so surprised by this movie that I had to watch it twice before really processing that it was amazing. It was action packed, well played, well shot. The story was completely left field and worked so well but if it had not been this set of actors it would have been a complete disaster. It was borderline greatness and crap and craftily made great because it was done so well. The pieces really fell into the correct place. 9/10

Blood and Chocolate - OK I see what they were trying to do. I get it, but the execution was poor. Saving grace? Olivier Martinez smoking up the screen. Yessir. The blood and chocolate references seemed to fly right over my head, I only really got it when I watched it a second time. 4/10

Pride & Prejudice - Usually Keira Knightley gets on my nerves but shockingly I liked her character and how she portrayed her. I mean as an adaptation of a book it wasn't that bad. It had some funnies and the plot was predictable but sweet. 6.5/10

Make It Happen - OK I know no one is going to know about this movie, it's very similar to Step Up, Save the Last Dance... If you've seen one you've basically seen them all. So girl who can "dance" leaves small town to make it "BIG" fails then makes thrilling comeback of course love interest and disapproving family drama (using word loosely) ensue. *sigh* 4/10

Mutant Chronicles - I'm a fan of Mutants and the like, I'm fascinated by the paranormal. This movies screams low budget but I kinda liked the story. I liked the plot and it wasn't badly executed by the crazy cast. Thomas Jane was just a big plus. 6.5/10

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - It's Harry. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the cinematography of this movie. Loved the way it was portrayed, it was dark, it was funny it was good. I really wanted to box Harry's ears for being such an asshole which was exactly how the book portrayed him. Daniel Radcliffe did a really nice job. Helena Bonham Carter was created for these roles. She is Bellatrix Lestrange. The room of requirement scenes are my fave because we see them as students which the other movies somehow played down. It was a beautiful movie to look at. The movies all seem like a series which of course they are but it always feels like we are suspended in mid air when they end. Anticipating the final movies with bated breath. 8/10

Get Smart - OK. If you say so. It was OK sometimes funny, most times not. I get that he's inefficient but it was very "Mr. Bean" you know when it stopped being funny (Mr Bean movie anyone?) and started to get creepy. Meh... 5/10

Jumper - As seen above I'm a big fan of paranormal science and I loved the premise of this movie but Hayden Christensen bored me to tears. Jamie Bell was much more interesting (and much, much HOTTER) than the stick in the mud. Samuel L. Jackson was his continued crazy self. Clearly with that Diane Lane (Bore) ending there are plans for a Jumper 2. 7/10

1408 - I loved the book and the movie was a pretty good interpretation of it. I felt a little detached from the main character though. I felt terrified when reading the book, terrified for him, for me... terrified. The movies flowed and it was coherent, you can understand what's going on. Which doesn't necessarily happen with most book to film adaptations. 7/10

Jurassic Park - Yes it is my first time watching this movie. I have seen Jurassic Park 3 about a million times but have not seen the first movie. Funny right? So I though it was awesome and can only imagine watching it for the first time when it was first created. CGI has spoiled so many old movies but I tried to think as objectively as possible. The plot was superb and Jeff Goldblum as usual was sexy eccentricity. 8/10

In Bruges - Very engaging. Totally hilarious. Colin Farell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes are genius. The characters a re well developed, the plot was interesting. I instinctively knew what was going to happen though, without reading any spoilers or anything and i prolly would have loved some mystery and suspense but it didn't take much from the movie. 8/10

This is one of the most time consuming posts I've ever done...

Random Thought - I want to be a photographer... so anyone who can help me that would be great. I'm serious...or as serious as I can be.

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