Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Posts From the BB

I am going to sound so biased but since it's my blog I can do whatever the hell i want...Right?

OK so as you should know by now I have a very large, LARGE rack. A beautifully large rack that hurts my back most times I would love a reduction but whatever maybe if I lose some weight...Rambling...So I'm looking around and I witness some very small breasts on some lovely women. Non existent really and I think 'Wow I do not want.' I know there are men who prefer both ends of the spectrum and all that's in between but when I look on it if I were a guy I'd definitely be after the larger busted women. I just don't see the appeal of a small busted woman. Most of my friends are curvy with sizeable boobs that are usually displayed to their busty goodness. Of course my perception and taste is skewed by where I grew up, who I saw as I grew up and who and how I am. I still don't see it.

I'm such a judgemental bitch too it's hilarious.

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