Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Funny story. At my first Christmas party at my workplace I went with my friend Akimat. Fun right? I was new so I knew only a few people from work so I spent most of the time with my friend just walking around laughing and getting drunk. Good Times. Sometime during the night though a young man from work, i think he was walking with his girlfriend, I don't know my glasses were foggy, came up to me said 'Hi', so I say 'Hi' back but not knowing him real well my friend and I kinda slink off to the food because damn were we hungry. I asked my friend if it was rude for us to just walk away like that without saying anything because he did look poised to say something just before we left she laughed and said she didn't care and to bring on the mojitos. Again..Good Times!!

Whats funny about this is he obviously took it as a snub because in the days following the party when I saw him at work I said 'Good Morning/Afternoon/Shower' and this nigga turned his back and said shit aka nothing. At the time I LOLd like a mofo and told Akimat who did the same. It's been almost a year and a half and everytime I see him I extend greetings (not because I want this nut bucket to like me but because you never know who's packing an uzi and just may spare your life because of a good morning) and this nigga still snubs. To this day it gives me the Lolz...Oh Snubbed you make my damn day. I sat beside him today thats why I remember.

Title pic...LOLz!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no poor snubby. U prob damaged his ego...oh well stop extending greetings to him. As the great Elephant Man once said/sang "when some boy nuh hail me is a joy...when u see u enemy say suck u mumma boy; roy"

parram said...

this is mad funny funny funny!!!!
Wish u would post more often,i havent been leaving as much comments as i would like..but i cum and check for posts all the time....dnt slack offff missy.