Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Posts from the BB

In High school I would call my friends on a daily and just talk for hours. I think that's a contributing factor that explains why we're so close now. We talked about nothing and everything, all that is important to a teenage girl. We talked about boyfriends or lack there of, sex, people at school who were awful and so on. Some of the best times of my life were spent on the phone. I fell asleep on the phone many times wit my friends, met boyfriends on the phone (I know, don't remind me). My life was centered around it and that life was good.

Our pranks are still hilarious today and still notorious amongst us. At the time we didn't all have computers or internet (dial up = BOOOOO!) And so our main means of communication was through the phone. To this day was still yack it up on the phone any chance we get that's what we grew up on, what we are most comfortable using. So spending sometime talking to my friend talking about nothing really brings me back to the days we would have a 6 person conference and everybody talking at once.

'Ok so u call me then hang up and ill call u, then u call A and let A call B I will conference C...Go!'

Wow am I old. Lol. I kinda miss it but we had to grow up sometime right? Restricted phone access was fine by me because as you get older there will come a time when you need your own space. When you've fleshed out who you are behind that mouthpiece is when you end the call and hang up the phone.

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