Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After waiting more than a week for it to premiere in Jamaica I finally went to see it...Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The book was one of my faves in the series and I ended up loving the movie. Below is a review I did at intermissin and after the movie ended.

Brilliant to look at, the acting is refreshing, acting like teenagers(irrational, clumsy, emotional) but also the hint of danger and mystery is palpable, what happens next is on your mind, this book explored more than Harry and the movie took that cue and that makes it amazing. Draco, What?! What?! Compelling, dare I say riveting? Played beautifully by Felton. Surprise performance of the movie. Follows the book nicely I mean what more can you ask for?

Leave your expectations, this is not an action film, this is pure suspense and anguish rolled into one big ball of tears. I cried when 'Severus, Please...' Jumped from the pages and into my mind. I think the first of the six that displays how compelling the story is, setting the stage for how absolutely flawed the characters are. This is no mere children's story, its THE fairytale that children remember and adults continue to hold reverent.

I can certainly see why it can be called dry humping all that work and no nut busted and if ur seeing the movie without reading the book u'll be a little lost and may not appreciate the story 'I mean its Harry fucking Potter right? Where's the magic...'But its there weaved seamlessly into this amazing tale of loss and grief and courage, strength of convictions and wills.

My only bone of contention is always for every movie the scenes they so obviously delete (horribly edited) I don't buy the DVDs at least not yet and I really want to see all those scenes when I'm in the theater. Its going to be torture waiting for 7A and 7B. I think I will expire before they roll around. It will simply be awesomesauce (c) ONTD

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P.S. Below is what I wore to the movie...I've been waiting forever to have an excuse to wear them...I'll be wearing them at all the other movies.

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