Monday, July 27, 2009

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If I didn't write I don't know who I'd be I would be lost without it, without this blog. I've found, over the past few days that I am as I always have been. The same shy and alone person I was eleven years ago when I had no friends and spent my lunch in the library hoping no one would notice me. Who have I been the past eleven years you may ask? I realized a few months ago someone I don't know and worse yet don't like. I realized too that this was not just a reflection of me but also a reflection of those around me and I wondered if I was the only to have realized it. I guess its like that scene from body snatchers where the girl gets up and from the cocoon only to look around and see other persons were still cocooned. I just woke up.

The catalyst is unimportant but the results have been interesting. Previous post I spoke about opening the door on the new me and wondering what will be waiting...the door is currently ajar and right now the space is empty. It scares me and it was scary when I made that realization but I've survived years without support and I can move on to the better me without someone there but I can do it and I will.

P.S. Had a great time at the movies with Arteip and will review Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tomorrow.

P.P.S. I loved it.

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