Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I wore witch earrings as a brooch. This is how serious my love for this franchise is. Some people dress as characters, some buy wands and dress robes and owls and every marketable tool they could find to show their allegiance.

I wore my witch earrings as a brooch and lady bugs in my ears and I cried when Harry was in the forest. Like a baby. Because I remember reading the words and dying inside as Harry walked to his death. Not knowing he would live on. So brave.

And I cried when Snape met his end. 'Always.' Oh Snape. So tragic. And I felt for Tom Riddle in all his madness and his ruthless endeavor to live forever, to never feel, to live without love and companionship. Without feeling like you were wanted in this world. I know that feeling well. I felt for Tom Riddle.

Oh JKR, you made an adolescent experience so rife with confusion and self doubt so bearable. Beyond so. Made it more so. Taught us to value those things which ground us. Friends and family. People who would be there 'until the end'. Of course I cried. Of course I'd feel that it was more than a movie. It was the end of an era for me. Maybe in 15 years when I'm reading them to my children I will relive every moment as if they were new. I will read about the boy who lived and I will live again.

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