Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I finished the tale of Potter two days ago and I'm still feeling the beauty and mastery that was the seven book series. I refuse to give spoilers... The book was my favorite by far and the cover of the UK children's version is my favorite. Reading the book made me think about high school and our fascination with the boy wizard. The book really opened up a beautiful new world for me and my friends. It was also a great binding agent for us all, discussing and marvelling about the books ability to make us believe we were a part of the wizarding world. A beautiful end...even though I hate the fact that it has to end. These are my absolute favroite books of all time and closing that cover really tore me up (along with the stuff in the book of course). End of an era I guess...The movie franchises should end in 2010 and to think at that time I'll be 24 and still going to the theaters to see this movie. Over a decade of good reads and memories... God I'm so emotional.

Today's title pic is the cover I mentioned before.

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