Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guys always say that they want a girl who's real, down-to-earth. Why are they lying?

It's OK to say you want a girl that's hot, that's nice to look at. Someone whose simpering sighs and obnoxious whines keep you interested. At least I would understand and respect you more for it. Please stop with regurgitating what you think is politically correct and what people expect to hear. It's all instinct and I for one understand that at our base we are no more than animals. We have the same principles all we did is learn how to control those base urges. We developed those super-egos and never looked back. But still we are animals and as animals we are attracted to what it is that we think is best for us. Best to have kids with, best to make us better. Best. and for certain we are a pack of wolves trying not only to be the leader but to also attract a leader.

So cut the bullshit about wanting what's on the inside because Real girls like me, down-to-earth girl like me who are often sitting alone at home don't buy it.

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