Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

September 11th huh? I watched a special on the Hstory channel last night where they showed the tragedy completely from amateur footage of persons from all vatage points in New York. It was...tragic to say the least. Tragic and sad. The World Trade Center buildings fell and I was so saddened, I was angry too. These are people's lives. People who have families and thought they would be seeing those families at the end of the day. Seeing those people hang out windows, waving whatever they could in hopes of being rescued tore at my heart. It felt like it was haoppening all over again. The firefighters, police, emergency workers...and just plain ole joe schmo who were trying to help as many people as they could. I felt as if I was watching a movie. A horrible movie.

As I watched though what I also thought about was the daily tragedies in countries such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Dem. Republic of Congo, Iraq, North's endless...Somalia, Darfur...It's fucking endless, this list. Those people don't have cameras to document their atrocities and the few who do, what they've recorded could never be shown on television. We are bombarded by news from the US, the news, reviews...almost every feed we have is filtered through this country and of course top priority will always be themsleves. It's sad taht there are some kids who don't even know there is a whole Eastern Hemisphere. I by no means and will never endorse what happened that day, but I will certainly embrace that Americans are not the only one who suffer. They commemorate a day...what about those who live thorugh it every day. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are all September 11th for them.

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